When MergedAnalytics Fails and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

I spent the last 20 years deploying CRM solutions to many organizations. I always knew early on which deployments were destined for failure as they always had the same characteristics.

Not much has changed with my experience with deploying MergedAnalytics. Even when the analytics we deliver are awesome…success is still not guaranteed.

Thom and I discuss the situations where even though the analytics we are delivering are great and plentiful….there is no process in place to efficiently deal with the amount of the intelligence we deliver.

Without clear direction communicated from the business stakeholder…most projects of any kind will fail .

This means the business stakeholder needs to clearly communicate …

– why are we deploying a new tool

– what problem(s) is it solving

– what are the best practices and processes that need to be followed

– what makes this initiative a success (or failure)

– some level of training

We also discuss how Google Tag Manager (GTM) is used with MergedAnalytics. mergedanalytics.com

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