Our Yoga Theme Explained

MergedAnalytics brings ZEN to your sales and marketing efforts

There is a good reason why there is a yoga theme throughout the MergedAnalytics website.

We know that even in the best of times…business life is stressful.

The actionable intelligence we deliver contains the COMPANY NAMES and in some cases EMAIL ADDRESSES of the people clicking on the links you post to social media sites and in your emails as well as the pages they click on your website.

These real, quality, actionable B2B leads are automatically emailed to your inbox for action.

We believe that the intelligence we deliver is bringing a bit of Zen to your Sales and Marketing efforts.

Takes 3-5 minutes to set up – mergedanalytics.com


Tips for working from home

MergedAnalytics encourage our employees to telecommute from home

I have worked from home for the last 20 years.

Both of my companies never had offices. Everyone who works for/with me does so remotely. Here are some tips for working from home…


1. Go to bed early

2. Get up early as if you needed to commute.

3. Get dressed….every day!

4. Make your bed….every day!

5. Create a space to work that feels like an office

6. Eat breakfast

7. Eat lunch

8. Take walks outside no matter what the weather is like

9. Pretend you are at your real office

10. Make time to have physical interactions with people

11. Do not allow distractions like….house chores etc. You are at work!!

12. Create routines and stick to them

13. Leave work at the end of the day….STOP working at normal time.


1. Treat working from home as a vacation or day off

2. Allow yourself to get distracted with house stuff..chores etc.

3. Eat more

4. Exercise less

5. Work more hours

You can feel guilt working from home. This can cause overworking. Because you do not need to commute…you may feel you need to work longer hours to justify working from home. This is nonsense.

Be mindful of overworking.

Use excess time to catch up on your life….not work.

MergedAnalytics for when you work from home

MergedAnalytics intelligence will make your work from home experience even better

Whether forced or by choice… more people than ever will be telecommuting and working from home. In person meetings, lunches, conferences, trade shows will continue to decrease until the dust settles….but business will continue.

With the absence of the “face to face” meeting…content creation and distribution of videos, podcasts, blogs etc will become even more prominent. More eyeballs on your posted videos, articles, website pages etc….presents opportunity if you are prepared.

Buying excess amounts of Toilet Paper will not help you with understanding the COMPANY NAMES and in some cases EMAIL ADDRESSES of the people clicking on the links you post to social media sites and in your emails as well as the website pages they clicked .

MergedAnalytics however was made for this type of environment!

Set up takes literally 3-5 minutes. Get started…. mergedanalytics.com

The only Cookies we like are the kind you eat!

MergedAnalytics does NOT use Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies are going away.

Cookies are little software programs that follow users around the internet collecting data so marketers can target ads with precision. They know what you want to buy sometimes before you do.

Cookies Work.

If I search for sneakers….I may then see ads not only for sneakers but for workout gear and other sporting equipment.

Many large organizations who rely on collecting data from tracking cookies are scrambling. They are experiencing or will be soon ….an existential crisis.

Programs like the E.U’s GDPR are already gaining steam in Canada as well as here in the U.S.

Google has already announced they will not support 3rd party cookies in Chrome .

The main issue here is privacy.

MergedAnalytics does NOT use and never has used Tracking Cookies and the intelligence we deliver is GDPR Compliant.

Luck – Where Preparation and Opportunity Intersect

MergedAnalytics can bring you luck

Luck is where Opportunity and Preparation intersect. Is it luck when you receive an automated MergedAnalytics Alert via email that results in won business?

Preparation 1. – Your company had the brilliant foresight to put the MergedAnalytics pixel on your website.

Preparation 2 – Your marketing team drove your target audience traffic to your website.

Opportunity – MergedAnalytics uncovered the COMPANY NAME or maybe even the EMAIL ADDRESS of the person who clicked through your website.

Luck 1. – You receive a MergedAnalytics alert via email telling you the Company Name, how they found your website and which pages they spent time on and more.

Luck 2. – You proactively make contact with that company and win business.

The Journey is the gift

MergedAnalytics Custom Trackable Short URLs show the entire journey from initial click to your other website pages

The Journey is the gift.

By utilizing MergedAnalytics Trackable Custom Short URLs you achieve the following…

– You understand where your audience is interacting most with your online brand. ie. Does your audience mostly click on the links you post to LinkedIn or FB . By knowing that answer…you will be able to modify your efforts (marketing dollars) accordingly.

– You understand the full Journey of the people who landed on and then click through your website. You will see if a URL you posted on Linkedin… was the starting point for the people who eventually landed on and clicked through your website

– You can shorten, brand, and then uncover the COMPANY NAMES and in some cases EMAIL Addresses of the people who click the links you post to social media sites as well as in the body of your emails.

Getting the most out of the Links you post to Social Media Platforms and in your Emails.

Do you know exactly where your site traffic comes from? 

Do you know the exact Company or Person who clicks on the URLs you post? 

Do you know which of your campaigns is driving the most traffic?

You can collect all of this intelligence and more by utilizing MergedAnalytics Custom Trackable Short URLs for when you need to post Links to Social Media and/or in your Emails as part of your Marketing Campaigns.

Upon creating MergedAnalytics Short URLs….you can add special Dynamic Parameters to your URLs; to get a deeper understanding of the people who click those links.

This extra information will tell you more information about who clicked your link, where they clicked your link and what pages they clicked on your website after that initial click.

And…instead of posting a long URL that is packed with the parameters you added making the URL look like something no one would want to click on or share… you can condense and custom brand those URLs in MergedAnalytics. Shorter cleaner URLs get clicked and shared more than their longer counterparts.

Below…I created a link I want to post to my Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram audiences.   I selected the Dynamic option radio button.

Because I added my own parameters….Now when someone clicks this link….I will know that the link they clicked was for the social media blitz and was part of the campaign called “product launch in 2020”. I will also know which social media site the clicks came from. This will allow me to measure which social media is driving the most traffic.

And…because these are MergedAnalytics Short URLs……I will be notified about the Company Names of the people who clicked these links.

Chambers of Commerce and Other Business Associations

We have been working with multiple business associations like Chambers of Commerce.

The intelligence we deliver is helping these organizations with their membership drives by making it easy for them to understand which exact companies have interest in joining their Chambers.

We also deliver intelligence as to what events their chamber member companies are interested in like….Golf Outings, Trade Shows, Lunch and Learns etc.

This intelligence delivered by MergedAnalytics is making their communication efforts exponentially more efficient and effective.

Turn a monthly expense into a Revenue Stream

Since November of last year we have been in the process of courting a highly respected Digital Marketing firm to use MergedAnalytics on their company website.

They were already using our biggest competitor but they agreed to try MergedAnalytics so they could compare accuracy of the data we deliver vs. our competitors.

Long story short….that firm not only has adopted MergedAnalytics for their own purposes…they have signed on to resell a White Labeled version of MergedAnalytics for their customers.

How did we win you ask?

We won for three reasons….

– Our Pricing options

– Our Custom Branded Short URL tool

– A new Revenue Stream was created for their company instead of a monthly expense


Do you A/B Test ?

Do you A/B test your marketing campaigns? You should and MergedAnalytics makes it easy for you to do so.

A/B testing is the process of comparing two or more versions of a web page, email, or any other marketing asset with just one varying element.

In the above example….Our customer wanted to see where she would get the most clicks from ONE specific landing page for a promotion she was running for the month of February.

She created 5 Short URLs in MergedAnalytics. All 5 Short URLs in the image above will take the people who click them to that exact landing page.

The varying element are the 5 different places she will post those URLs.

Those 5 SHORT URLs will be posted to…FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and in an Email campaign.

The click data from those 5 different mediums where she posted the SHORT URLs will MERGE into one location so ANALYTICS can be measured.

COMPANY NAMES and in some cases EMAIL ADDRESSES will be identified as to who did the clicking and she will know where those clicks originated from….Plus….she will see which OTHER pages on her site were clicked after that initial click.

Listen…The big companies ALL have expensive tools that do this type of stuff…luckily MergedAnalytics is leveling the playing field for the rest of us.