Do you Trust your Data Analytics?

Real Situation : One of our prospects compared MergedAnalytics with TWO of our biggest Competitors.

Both cost hundreds more per month than MergedAnalytics but there seemed to be a major difference in what we delivered vs. what “they” delivered.

To our dismay…..Our prospect reported that the analytics we delivered were almost 50% LESS than what both of our competitors delivered over the same month’s time.

We knew why this happened but we ran tests on the exact same dataset and found what we thought we would find.

Our Conclusion : Because of our built-in default configured data FILTERS… MergedAnalytics by nature weeded out the NON HUMAN clicks that others include in their reporting.

MergedAnalytics filters out non human clicks by default

Non Human clicks are the spiders, server clicks, crawlers, BOTS, proxies, known vpns, etc.