Don’t do this

The benefits of cold emailing over cold calling is that your audience can digest whatever it is you are selling them on their own time….without being put on the spot and ambushed.

With that in mind…a tactic I am seeing with cold emailing is….someone emails me on Monday and by Tuesday morning if I have not replied….they email me again asking me if I had seen their first email.

This could go on 4 or 5 times during that same week.

I am here to tell you to Stop that tactic. It has the exact opposite affect on your prospect. You are pushing them away.

Instead …Send a clear, honest and concise intro email explaining how your product or service will improve the quality of their lives.

Be respectful of your audience’s time. Assume they are busy.

If you do not hear back…contact them again the following week and ask if you should still contact them on this subject.

Do not keep emailing them for the sole purpose to be on top of their email inbox. Be better than that. Your brand deserves better.

In the segment….Thom and I discuss this topic further.


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