Email Marketing Analytics – The third pillar of MergedAnalytics

Do you understand the journey your digital audience takes before they finally land on your website?

There are three data points we Merge together for you so you can understand not only the journey but what your audience is most interested in when it comes to making a purchase.

The three data points we Merge together are…

– Website Clicks

– Clicks on the links you post to Social Media

– Email Marketing

The Email Marketing data point is very powerful as MergedAnalytics connects to your email service provider like #Mailchimp as well as CRM systems like #msdynamics365.

Here’s the thing….without the use of cookies….once we uncover the Email Addresses of the people who click the links in your Email Campaigns….MergedAnalytics REMEMBERS those email addresses.

So if a recipient of one of your emails clicks a link you post to LinkedIn….you would know the EMAIL ADDRESS of the person who clicked that link. If that person then went on to your website…you would know that too!!!!

How would understanding exactly which email addresses were on your website as well as what their interest was in what you sell….help your business?

Thom and I talk more about Email Marketing in this segment.