Entrepreneur Health Hacks

The word “entrepreneur” usually triggers certain preconceived notions about the people who take the quantum leap from a job to running their own business.

I find many think being an entrepreneur is for a certain type of charismatic genius. Unlimited riches are often associated with being an entrepreneur as well.

In reality…in most cases those ideas could not be further from the truth.

Entrepreneurs are often lonely, have a low self esteem and experience high levels of mind bending stress on a daily basis.

As the saying…”heavy lies the crown”.

Having said the above…being an entrepreneur could also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of a lifetime.

Eating what you kill, having incentive to be creative on a daily basis and ultimately creating a better life not just for your customers but for yourself and coworkers in the process is an amazing feeling.

Entrepreneurs must make all aspects of personal health (mind, body and soul) their highest priority.

It is a marathon ….not a sprint.

There are hacks that you can do on a daily basis to make sure you stay in the game and cultivate a mindset that will allow you to perform at your highest levels.

Thom and I discuss some hacks specific for the entrepreneur in this segment.