Founder Sellers

Are you a Founder Seller?

The process of how businesses in this country are formed usually goes something like…

– Someone has an idea

– That person asks friends, family and colleagues to verify that idea is good.

– They write a business plan

– They raise money

– They may receive a round of money

– Develop product

– Market/Sell Product

Here is the problem….up until that company actually has a happy paying customer…the business plan is mostly guess work. The worst thing is when money is actually raised too soon by the Founders because this may falsely verify their hypothesis.

Investors are often NOT experts in knowing what will work or not. If you build it….does NOT mean they will always come….Even if it is an amazing idea. Founders and CEO’s need to test their hypothesis in the real world so their perspective can be either verified, shifted or even shattered.

You can NOT understand your customers’ needs while sitting in your office. Interns or entry level sales people should not be expected to go into the field for you to get this feedback. You as the Founder and other Stake holders are the ones for this job.

Thom and I discuss the importance of Founder Sellers .

We both are reading “Nail It then Scale It” by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom.

We discuss an example that involved a revolutionary invention for the time by Thomas Edison that ultimately failed and how that experience changed how he approached inventions for the rest of his life.

If you are starting a business or launching anything new….this book is a must read. #nailitthenscaleit #mergedanalytics #smartlinks #foundersellers

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