Getting the most out of the Links you post to Social Media Platforms and in your Emails.

Do you know exactly where your site traffic comes from? 

Do you know the exact Company or Person who clicks on the URLs you post? 

Do you know which of your campaigns is driving the most traffic?

You can collect all of this intelligence and more by utilizing MergedAnalytics Custom Trackable Short URLs for when you need to post Links to Social Media and/or in your Emails as part of your Marketing Campaigns.

Upon creating MergedAnalytics Short URLs….you can add special Dynamic Parameters to your URLs; to get a deeper understanding of the people who click those links.

This extra information will tell you more information about who clicked your link, where they clicked your link and what pages they clicked on your website after that initial click.

And…instead of posting a long URL that is packed with the parameters you added making the URL look like something no one would want to click on or share… you can condense and custom brand those URLs in MergedAnalytics. Shorter cleaner URLs get clicked and shared more than their longer counterparts.

Below…I created a link I want to post to my Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram audiences.   I selected the Dynamic option radio button.

Because I added my own parameters….Now when someone clicks this link….I will know that the link they clicked was for the social media blitz and was part of the campaign called “product launch in 2020”. I will also know which social media site the clicks came from. This will allow me to measure which social media is driving the most traffic.

And…because these are MergedAnalytics Short URLs……I will be notified about the Company Names of the people who clicked these links.