What is YOUR use-case. How companies leverage MergedAnalytics

I get asked often how to companies use MergedAnalytics.

My answer is everyone does it the same but uses the intelligence we deliver in different ways. Below see how 6 companies in 6 different industries use MergedAnalytics.

1. A Marketing Company we work with uses the intelligence received from #MergedAnalytics to inject positive energy into their corporate culture by confirming their marketing efforts are indeed working! When highly sought after prospects spend time on their website….the CEO calls an “All hands on Deck” meeting with this news.

2. A Design Firm we work with uses the intelligence delivered by MergedAnalytics to carefully craft their prospect presentations to put themselves in a position to win business. This firm usually gets only ONE shot to present to their prospects. The intelligence received from MergedAnalytics is critical. They view MergedAnalytics as their secret competitive advantage.

3. An Executive Search Firm in the Bio/Pharma Life Sciences space uses MergedAnalytics to win projects by proactively sending reinforcing marketing material they know the prospect was interested in based on website activity.

4. A Commercial Construction Company wins more business because of the intelligence we deliver early in their prospect’s research phase. 
By understanding their prospect’s needs they can proactively make contact earlier in the process and as a result be one of the first bidders. 

5. Digital Marketing Agencies who perform SEO, Leadgen, Website design White Label the intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers. They are creating higher customer retention rates and new reliable revenue streams as a result.

6. A software company uses MergedAnalytics intelligence to provide better support to their customers as well as uncover upsell opportunities by seeing where their customers are spending time on their website.