How To Create a “MergedAnalytics” Short URL

Already Have an Account?  Skip #1. 

Please Note : Upon sign up, begin using your Trackable Short URL’s immediately.  No need to post code. 

1. Create a Free, No Obligation Account.
Click HERE and enter a few bits of information. Press “Submit”. You are ready to start creating your SHORT URLs!

2. Click HERE and sign into the MergedAnalytics Reporting Portal
Press “Login” and then “Portal Access”.
The username and password you used to sign up for Visit Intel is the same User Name and Password needed to log into the Portal.

3. Navigate to the “Admin” Section and Select “Manage Branded Short URLs”.

4. Select “Request New Tracking URL”. Please see below.

5. Fill in the Fields on the “Short URL Request Form”.
(a) Final Destination URL – This is where you want the people who are clicking on your URL to end up.
(b) Where Users Referred From – This is where the people who click on your URL start from. In the example below, after the, additional information has been added:

The additional information after the forward slash will be useful when you get MergedAnalytics Site Alert Notification. You will clearly see where the referral originated from as well as which campaign is a part of. This comes in handy if you create more than one short URL for the same destination.
For example, If you create a short URL for LinkedIn and one for Twitter, both having the same destination, adding the additional information at the end of the Referral Site URL you can measure which short URL was more successful … the Twitter post vs. your LinkedIn post.
(c) Friendly Name – Helps you remember what the short URL is used for.
(d) What it Represents to Campaign – Helps you remember what this specific URL is for in a campaign.
(e) Special Tag Request – This step is optional.
You can enter additional information in your short URL. If you do NOT enter anything in the “Special Tag Request” field, Visit Intel will generate a short URL for you.

6. Once you are ready to create your Visit Intel Short URL…press SUBMIT and your Short URL will appear.
7. Copy your Short URL and post!