In-house lead gen vs hiring outside firm

Do you know what it costs your business to get one qualified lead?

The real cost takes into account all of the …

– content creation
– cold email campaigns
– social media campaigns
– cold calling
– follow ups
– schedule and rescheduling


After you understand the cost of getting just1 qualified lead….then I ask…what is the cost to convert that lead into a customer?

– Demos
– Meetings
– Contracts
– Trial periods
– and more…..

If are thinking… well….it does not cost anything because I do it all myself you are mistaken.

Your time has a cost associated it with both in dollar terms and opportunity cost.

What else could you be doing with your time instead of searching for qualified leads.

You may think you can NOT afford to hire a lead generation firm but after you calculate how you are spending your time and the real costs associated with that time…you may start to understand the value of hiring a quality lead generation firm.

To me…the real issue is in finding a quality, trustworthy and proven lead generation firm.

In this segment….Thom and I discuss the benefits of hiring a lead gen firm vs. doing it yourself.