Meditation 101

Your assignment for today – Commit to TEN consecutive conscious breaths.

In through your nose….out through your mouth.

Just ten breaths ….can you do it?

One of the most important practices that I have added into my life without a doubt has been meditation. Anyone who knows me knows the impact it has had on my life as I have a problem shutting up about it.

When you find something that has worked wonders….it is natural to feel the urge to share these experiences and try to get others to do it as well. Although it is in vouge today…Talking about meditation can be a major turn off to others. No one likes the “know it all” that claims to know how to fix your issues.

I started my own meditation journey as a personal science project. I would think to myself….”How many people that I admire do I have to read about that owe much of the good things in their lives to meditation before I gave it a try” So I tried it over 8 years ago and stuck with the practice ever since.

I began my journey after reading countless books from famous meditators like #MickeySinger , #DavidFynch and #raydalio and have not missed a day in 8 years. At this point I have created my own practice including breath work and meditation mantras but that is not important right now. In this clip…I get you started with a simple meditation….focusing on your breath.

The reason you focus on breath is probably not what you think .

The best part of meditation is it costs nothing and you can do it from anywhere at any time!