MergedAnalytics + Cupcakes = Sales

We often work with Commercial Construction, Engineering and Design firms.

By the time these types of companies learn about opportunities…it is often to late to enter bids to win the business.

One of our Construction Customers uses the intelligence that MergedAnalytics delivers to engage as early as possible in the sales process.

As companies with construction needs do their due diligence research by clicking through this construction company’s website….our customer is receiving intelligence from MergedAnalytics about who the company is, what pages they are spending time on, how many times they return etc.

Here is what our customer does when they receive intelligence that they believe is an opportunity….. they create marketing slicks based on the content they know was viewed on their website and they send hard copies to that prospect along with a box of cupcakes.

By engaging with their prospects as early as possible in the sales process….they are now able to bid earlier on projects than ever before.

Early engagement with prospects leads to early bids which leads to more wins!