Only Human Clicks Wanted

A few things you would probably NOT expect when you use a tool like MergedAnalytics which filters out the non human clicks that other analytic tools report as real.

1. The number of clicks will be much less that what you would expect when using MergedAnalytics because we try not to waste your time with non human clicks
2. Your ESP’s and other analytic tools probably are set to report non human clicks as real clicks.
3. You will be shocked and will not believe that so many of the clicks that are reported as real in many ESP Stacks are actually fake.
4. You will ask us to prove it….and ….we can upon request.

We work with many lead gen agencies so you can imagine how this can be a very emotional subject.

What happens is ….an email campaign is sent out from an ESP (email service provider).
Before those emails are received , the recipient’s cyber security software will open the email and click all the links (sometimes more than once) to verify that email does not contain a virus or something else that can harm the company.

#MergedAnalytics filters those bogus clicks out by default.