Reacting to faulty data

Are reacting to analytics that lack veracity?

If blood work is collected and analyzed by your Dr.. If the numbers from that test are not correct for some reason ….your Dr. may react in a way that he shouldn’t. He may treat you for an issue that you do not have.

If an investor makes investments based on information that lack veracity….that would obviously negatively impact performance and investment money will be lost.

Same is true for your Digital Marketing Analytics.

If you are reacting to clicks made on your website and/or opens and clicks from an email campaign…. you better make sure those opens and clicks were made by real people and not by Bots, Servers, Crawlers etc..

MergedAnalytics filters out non Human Clicks

MergedAnalytics filters out non human clicks by default putting you in a position to focus on real intelligence.

Life is too short to chase bots.