So you need to conduct screen share webmeetings


So you need to conduct web meetings using something like Zoom or Gotomeeting.   

I have been relying on using this type of screensharing technology for 20 years to run my business.

We use webmeetings for almost everything from sales presentations, training session to our internal management meetings. Everyone in my company works virtually so webmeeting software is essential to our existance.

I can honestly say I have made every mistake you can possibly make throughout the last 20 years with webmeetings.

Here are some things to consider before conducting a screensharing webmeeting…

Dial in early – There will be always issues with your PC that you cannot plan for that happen often.   Recommend all attendees dial in a minimum of 10 minutes earlier preferably 15 minutes.

Reboot your PC– For optimal performance it is best to reboot your PC before an important webmeeting. If things are slow on your PC….your audience could think it is your software slowing up the PC….do not let this happen.

Prepare your presentation materials ahead ….have your Powerpoint, Word, Excel, files, software tool and/or Website…. whatever it is you will be presenting…have it launched ahead of time.   You do not want to launch a large file while you are in a webmeeting.  The 10 seconds it takes to open may not seem long….but when you have 20 eyeballs staring at your screen…even 10 seconds can feel like an eternity.

Resist moving your mouse all over the screen – when you are nervous we tend to do things subconsciously.   Moving your mouse and/or clicking a lot during a presentation can be distracting for your audience.

Software Demos – If you are demonstrating how software works….test the features ahead of time as well.  Make sure what you want to present works as expected.

Talking over people – Be mindful of talking over people –  Especially when there are many on a speaker phone and depending on what kind of phone is being used….it is very easy to innocently talk over people.   Learn to talk slower, take small pauses to make sure someone is not trying to say something.

Have a plan and stick to it – If someone has a question…if you can not answer immediately without diverting from your plan …table it for later or a subsequent conversation.   

Record you session –  If possible it is a best practice to record your session .  It is nice to be able to send the recorded session to the attendees of your meeting.   You can point out specific times to listen etc. It is also useful in case it was a requirement gathering session.

BONUS – OIL YOUR CHAIR – you do not want everyone to hear your squeaky chair every time you adjust your seat.

Go forth and prosper.

Tips for working from home

MergedAnalytics encourage our employees to telecommute from home

I have worked from home for the last 20 years.

Both of my companies never had offices. Everyone who works for/with me does so remotely. Here are some tips for working from home…


1. Go to bed early

2. Get up early as if you needed to commute.

3. Get dressed….every day!

4. Make your bed….every day!

5. Create a space to work that feels like an office

6. Eat breakfast

7. Eat lunch

8. Take walks outside no matter what the weather is like

9. Pretend you are at your real office

10. Make time to have physical interactions with people

11. Do not allow distractions like….house chores etc. You are at work!!

12. Create routines and stick to them

13. Leave work at the end of the day….STOP working at normal time.


1. Treat working from home as a vacation or day off

2. Allow yourself to get distracted with house stuff..chores etc.

3. Eat more

4. Exercise less

5. Work more hours

You can feel guilt working from home. This can cause overworking. Because you do not need to commute…you may feel you need to work longer hours to justify working from home. This is nonsense.

Be mindful of overworking.

Use excess time to catch up on your life….not work.