Take the red pill for the truth.

I had to deliver a detailed analytics report to a customer who wanted to see proof that the clicks and opens that are reflected in their ESP (email service provider) where in fact NON HUMAN.

MergedAnalytics filters out NON HUMAN clicks by default.

We figure ….no one would want to take action on clicks that are NOT from real humans.

What happens is an email campaign is sent out from an ESP (email service provider) to “N” number of recipients.

MergedAnalytics does NOT deliver non human clicks

Before those emails are received by real people, the recipient’s corporate cyber security will open the email and click all the links (sometimes more than once) to verify that email does not contain a virus or something else that can harm the company.  

These cyber security and server opens/clicks are reflected in most ESP analytics as REAL even though they were NOT done by humans.

It could be dangerous to follow up on an email you think someone opened but in fact did not.

We were able to send my customer a report detailing how the recipients MS AZURE Server was opening and clicking links that we flagged as NON HUMAN but their ESP reported as real.