Understanding the digital experience your audience has with your brand

Those 3 dots in the MergedAnalytics logo represent the 3 main data points from which your digital audience is interacting with your brand…

– Website Visits

– Email Marketing

– Social Media Marketing.

When we merge those points together…the entire journey your audience has with your brand becomes more clear.

Sometimes your marketing intention is to drive your audience to a specific landing page but in the real world your audience bounces off that page and on to other pages on your website. Is the experience your audience is having….the one you want them to have?

– Should you modify your message?

– Are you marketing in the wrong places?

– Should you improve the content on pages where your audience is ultimately ending up?

In this segment Thom and I discuss how the intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers helps businesses control , manage and react to the experience your customers and prospects have with your digital brand. https://mergedanalytics.com/