What’s New?

  1. Capture MORE information with SmartLinks

When a user creates MergedAnalytics SmartLinks they can now add their own custom Dynamic Parameter Values.

Parameter values help you capture even more information about the people who click on the links you post.  

Parameters are set at the time you create your MergedAnalytics SmartLink. The values for the Parameters can be anything including… the specific contact’s email address, campaign name, name of the social media site you posted your link, or anything else that will help you gain as much information about the people who are clicking the Links you post.  

Capture MORE information using Dynamic/UTM URL’s!

NOTE –  If you need to create Google UTMs( urchin tag modules)…. you now can create UTMs in the MergedAnalytics Portal upon setting up SmartLinks.   This alleviates the need to go into Google to create UTMs.

Create UTM’s directly from the MergedAnalytics Portal

2. Batch-up Notifications

When a COMPANY NAME and/or EMAIL ADDRESS of the person is uncovered by MergedAnaltyics….an automatic emailed alert is sent out to you.  These emails come in batches.   Users have the Ability to schedule these batches of the emailed MergedAnalytics site alert notifications that are sent to your inbox. 

Configure MergedAnalytics so that it sends the emailed alerts throughout the day or 1 time per day. 

Set schedule for receiving intelligence Alerts.

3. Stop Getting Alerts from specific Companies:

There will be those times when MergedAnalytics will send reports to your inbox from perfectly legitimate Companies that visit your website however that information may not be important to receive in your inbox.   Maybe a competitor or a friend of yours is constantly looking at your website. 

To Stop receiving alerts from these companies….simply select …“Block from this Address”.

NOTE – Although you will stop receiving the automated email alerts from that specific Company….you can still view their visits in the MergedAnalytics Portal.

Block inbound reports from companies