Why it’s time you know the Company Names clicking through your website

You spend countless money, resources and time curating your website so it has all it needs to …

– attract and educate new customers and/or partners


– retain, upsell, educate and support existing customers and/or partners.

Your business could be in any stage ranging from…

  • Mature , established and on cruise control
  • Cutting edge and in the growth mode
  • Pivoting to incorporate new products and services

No matter your business or the stage it is in…understanding the Company Names and behavior of your website visitors just makes good old fashioned sense.

Why?  For starters…because you CAN.

If that answer is not good enough… then I would say… because understanding the COMPANY Names of your visitors, how they found your website and what their specific interests while on your site were helps your business by…

  • Shortening sales cycles with new prospects helps you understand their specific needs and interests early on in the sales process (sometimes before they even make direct contact with you) based on their activity on your site.
  • Understanding which marketing and ad strategies are producing the best results
  • Helping you understand the needs of your existing customers and prospects so you can provide proactive service…rather than be reactive and wait for them to reach out to you.

I don’t know…to me and thankfully a growing number of businesses …. the need for a tool like “MergedAnalytics” seems too obvious. Why wouldn’t you want it?

Just so you are aware…your competitors are using these types of tools RIGHT NOW and soon you will have no choice but to follow suit.   Does your business have too much sales?  If so…you do not need “MergedAnalytics”.  Stop Reading and Good for you!

For the rest of you…consider some facts about “MergedAnalytics”…

Deployment –- Takes minutes!  Many of our prospect close deals during the trial phase.

How to Deploy MergedAnalytics–  https://mergedanalytics.com/how-do-i-put-visit-intel-on-my-website/


GDPR – COMPLIANT.   Here is our statement on GDPR – https://mergedanalytics.com/how-do-i-put-visit-intel-on-my-website/

Our Customers LOVE “MergedAnalytics”… https://mergedanalytics.com/testimonials/

Value Proposition – Aside from the Website Visitor Activity reports that include COMPANY NAMES and the Nurture Reporting Portal you will have access to….there are two important things that set “Visit Intel” apart from our competition…

  • Thing 1 – SHORT URLshttps://mergedanalytics.com/vzit-co/ Using our short url generator for your posted URL Links on social media and/or emails helps you understand the ENTIRE JOURNEY of your website visitor.  You will know…
  1. If someone clicked on your posted url
  2. The referral site from where that person found that link…ie. FB, Twitter, Linkedin and email

So…sign up now and get your URL and Website Visitor Intelligence delivered.