Nurture Portal

Reporting Portal

In the MergedAnalytics Macro Reporting Portal, users can view and export information by Day, Week , Month, Quarter. All data can be exported.

You can see the macro trends for :

  • Website Visit Counts – how many visitors clicked through your site.
  • Notifications – This view shows you all of the Site Alerts you have received by company.
  • Visits By Location – show visits by Country.
  • Visits by Social Media sites – meaning did people come to your site via Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIN etc.
  • Device Visits – What devices are people using to get to your site. ie PC’s,Tablets, Mobile Phones etc…
  • Referral URL Visits – What other sites are referring people to your website.
  • Most Popular Pages – What are the most popular pages viewed on your site.
  • Admin – Intelligently route site alerts to the appropriate people based on territory.
  • Admin – Quickly create a Custom SmartLinks with MergedAnalytics tracking.  Great for Social Media Posts, Press Releases Signature Blocks, Videos, PDF and any landing pages.
  • Admin –  Manage Campaigns
  • Admin –  Manage Campaign wide and Account wide settings
  • Admin –  Manage users
  • AdminSet up integrations with ESP’s like Mailchimp and CRM’s like MS Dynamics
  • Admin –  Export  and analyze data in Excel.   See Video below for exporting data…

  • Admin –  Retrieve website tracking Pixels