What are SmartLinks™️?

Clicks/Opens Are Nice, But…Does It Tell The Entire Story?

The link is the invisible thread that digitally connects every customer to your business and delivers marketing intelligence.

When you post  links to distribute your content and branding on social media sites and/or in your emails that drive people to a specific landing page or your website, you’re letting these platforms decide how consumers interact with your brand.

It becomes increasingly challenging to understand which postings are working well and even harder to build consistent experiences.

MergedAnalytics SmartLinks helps you….

  • Create Brand Awareness – Brand your posted links as well as track and drive engagement where you want, when you want.
  • Understand the “Buy” Decision Path – Drive each touchpoint and understand the journey from the very first time a person discovers your product to when they finally decide to engage.
  • Understand What Is REALLY Working – Merge these data points together to help you track and understand what customers are interested in, when they want to hear from you, and how.
  • Escort Your Prospects and Customers – Create seamless experiences that take customers to the right place at the right time.

SmartLinks are great for :

  • Social media postings – Understand who is clicking on your posted URL’s.
  • Videos / PDF’s – Know who is launching videos / PDF’s from emails or website.
  • Other  Links – Great for understanding who is clicking on any destination link.

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