The intelligence delivered by MergedAnalytics has been instrumental as we overhaul and curate the content on our website.  Additionally, we now have insight into the companies, inside and outside of our region, who are interested in the services we provide.  As a result, we are able to create new relationships with a larger audience.

-Anne C. Williams, Director Of Communications, Lancaster City Alliance , 115 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

As an ENR-Top 400 construction firm, our national business development team has enjoyed getting the daily reports from MergedAnalytics.  We frequently find an immediate correlation between companies we are prospecting who “happen” upon our home page shortly after we send them information.  This has served as a validator that our prospects are taking the next step in investigating our services.   It has also been a pleasant surprise to learn the sheer volume of people that visit our site every day.  This knowledge has compelled us to pay greater attention to keeping our site fresh and up to date.

-Kevin Shaw, Partner / Vice-President, Wieland, 4162 English Oak Drive, Lansing, MI, 48911

We’re really excited about our adoption of MergedAnalytics. Set-up was painless and took literally minutes to install. We’re tracking very specific types of building opportunities that are executed by a relatively small pool of real estate developers. Knowing when these developers visit our website and the content they’re viewing is tremendously valuable. It’s a really strong indicator for us that they may be seeking our services in the near future. This allows us to be proactive and engage early with a prospect. Timing is everything in our business and the information provided by MergedAnalytics allows us to bid earlier and win more.

Eric T. Arcudi, Vice President of Business Development, Stewart & Tate Construction, 950 Smile Way, York, PA 17404

We have used other products like MergedAnalytics in the past, but the Automatic Site Activity Alerts, that are emailed to our sales team, is a Big Differentiator.
My sales team is able to react quickly because of the timely data/intelligence that is sent to their inbox.

Marc Goodhart, President, Goodhart Sons Inc., 2515 Horseshoe Road, Lancaster, PA. 17605-0308

Receiving the MergedAnalytics intelligence on our B2B customers as well as prospects has been a powerful tool allowing us to confirm with confidence that our cold calls and other marketing strategies have been successful. More importantly…we can easily measure which marketing strategies are NOT producing their desired outcomes.

Peter Flower, Publisher and CEO, FLOWER PUBLISHING GROUP LLC., 18 East 41st Street, suite 1504 New York, NY 10017

Introducing MergedAnalytics to our sales team was ground breaking. It gave them insight they didn’t even know was possible. And aside from the sales benefits, we actually made some product-related discoveries after chasing down a few traffic sources and learning that we had some links out there we forgot existed!

Marc Golub, Co-Founder, COO, and CIO, Opt-Intelligence, 37 W 37th St, 5th Floor New York, NY 10018

MergedAnalytics is a great, must have tool for any B2B company looking to leverage their website. MergedAnalytics has shed light on countless potential customers by providing us with soft leads to research and nurture. It also gives valuable insights on our user’s business and how they interact with our website.

Quint Eno, Marketing Coordinator, Utility Keystone Trailer Sales, Inc., Manheim, PA

Merged Analytics has provided my design firm visibility to customers visiting our new website.
The daily traffic report delivers valuable detailed customer information straight to my inbox.
This report directs our marketing efforts in the most targeted way possible.

Matthew Schwam, President, Matthew Schwam Design Solutions, New York, NY

MergedAnalytics is the greatest product! From the moment we started using it, we have been seeing existing clients and possible future ones viewing our website. Knowing specifically what they are viewing is everything when it comes to targeting them for a sale. Thank you MergedAnalytics, I never would have known about these customers otherwise.

JP Cheneski, V.P. of Sales, Fluid Forming Technologies, New Fairfield, CT

We launched our new website in 2017, and implemented MergedAnalytics from the onset. At first, I wasn’t sure of the value it would bring to my business, but now I can’t imagine life without it. It provides targeted insight that helps me drive marketing and business development outreach. It takes the mystery out of my process, and allows me to capitalize on potential clients curiosity. It’s a B2B game changer!!!

Adam Bloom, President of an Executive Search Firm, The Stevenson Group, Fort Lee, NJ

MergedAnalytics has proved a wonderful marketing and outreach tool for our Fine Art sales.
Easy to install and serviced by dedicated professionals, the program has paid dividends from the start.
Potential leads which were previously unknown to us are now revealed by timely analytic reports.
Not only can we see the entities that are viewing our site, we can see the specific artists and services that pique their interest.
This information….and the targeted contacts it enables…is an invaluable asset to our business.

Ric Michel, Director, Ric Michel Fine Art, 40 Worth Street, Tenth Floor, New York, NY 10013

As a new nonprofit, understanding site activity and visitors allows us to focus our marketing strategies. The information MergedAnalytics provides helps us streamline our efforts which is critical for a small nonprofit where resources are limited.

Lauren Rust, Executive Director, Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, Charleston, South Carolina

I am getting a lot of valuable information from this tool! For example, A company on my target list kept checking out our seminars but not signing up. Because I could tell there was interest, from the MergedAnalytics Alert, I called him and we agreed to meet in person. I ended up signing them up. I would not have been able to make this contact had it not been for the MergedAnalytics tool.

Nick Sidoti, V.P. of Sales, Promenet, New York, NY