VanillaSoft CRM Integration

VanillaSoft CRM Integration

If you are a VanillaSoft CRM ( user  this page is for you.

MergedAnalytics comes with VanillaSoft Integration.

VanillaSoft CRM has the ability to notify a user when a “sent email”  from VanillaSoft was opened by a recipient.

However, VanillaSoft does NOT report back to the sender of that email if any URL links within that email were clicked by the recipient.

MergedAnalytics Solution: To improve the VanillaSoft email functionality we developed a solution leveraging both the VanillaSoft API and the MergedAnalytics Short URL logic.

Now when VanillaSoft integration with MergedAnalytics is enabled…Emails sent from VanillaSoft that contain URL links can be tracked by the sender when they are clicked by the recipient.

As the URLs in those sent emails are clicked by the recipients….VanillaSoft users will receive an automatically generated MergedAnalytics Site Alert detailing the VanillaSoft email recipient’s activity, listing their COMPANY name and CONTACT information, so the sender (VanillaSoft user) can take any necessary action.

Set Up: Setting up this integration enabling click through tracking is a self-service process done by the end user of VanillaSoft and takes less than 5 minutes.

Note :  VanillaSoft users can use this integration even if the MergedAnalytics code is NOT on their website.

Of course it is best to also have the MergedAnalytics pixel/code on your website but that is not a requirement. To fully understand the journey of someone who clicks on a link and then clicks other pages on your site…it is recommended that MergedAnalytics be deployed on your website.