What is MergedAnalytics

RIGHT NOW! Without your knowledge there are many people at companies clicking through your website anonymously.

In fact only 2% of people who click through your site identify themselves to you.  As a result you are missing countless opportunities to follow up with the other 98% of the people clicking through your site.

MergedAnalytics unlocks the mystery out of anonymous website visitors and creates real opportunities.

MergedAnalytics Automated Site Alerts provide :

  • Which Companies are clicking through your site and How they got there.
  • Which Referring pages pointed visitors to your website.
  • Adwords Identification.
  • Which pages were viewed and how long they stay on them.
  • Which social media sites were used to find your website.
  • Which Press Releases drove them to your site.
  • If your signature block drove them to your site.
  • Which Campaigns drove them to your website.
  • If your Marketing Message is resonating with your audience.
  • If your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy is working.
  • And MUCH MORE …