Managing money

re you good at managing your money?

One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is being a good money manager for both your business and personal life.

You can have the greatest product in the world. If you run out of money you are out of business.

Money Management

You need to understand how to invest for today and the future. I will be talking more about money management in the future.

Thom Stallings

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Take Risks

There is a saying….”I worried what people thought about me when I was 20.

I stop caring what they thought about me when I was 40.

When I turned 60 I realized ….no one was thinking about me in the first place”.

In this clip…I talk about the importance of not caring about looking foolish when learning something new.

There is no way around it. Fall in love with looking foolish and you will reach new heights.

Remember…no one cares!

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Joe talks Meditation

I did a “Take a Breath” episode without Thom this week because he was away.

I covered three main subjects…. Meditation, Taking risks and Money Management.

It does not matter where I am in life or what my goals are in a particular moment where these three things are not taken into consideration for my best outcomes.

This segment is on hashtag#meditation.

Happy 4th.

This first segment is on meditation.

Caller ID

Do you check your caller ID before you answer your phone?

Of course you do.

You ignore the unimportant calls and talk to or call back the important people that call.

That is basically what hashtag#MergedAnalytics is for your website.

You may not need it for every single visitor that engages with your website but there may be a few that you uncover that can change your life!

But I get my business from referrals and in person relationships

Those who claim they do not get business from their website as well as do not care if they know who is spending time on their website and what they are doing while there are simply missing the point.

If that were true…why go through the effort and expense to create a digital presence at all?

Having a strong digital brand is about providing better service, support and overall experience for the people interested in your company at every stage from prospect to customer.  That is it.

This idea is especially true for the people who derive their business from in person relationships and referrals.

Connect the Dots

Merge Data points from Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Banner Ads and Website Visits into one actionable format.

Understand how your digital audience is interacting with your online brand so you can better serve not only your new prospects but your existing customers at every stage of the customer/prospect life cycle.

Are kids too soft today

Are kids too soft today, and does social media discourage risk-taking? Thom and I discuss these ideas, along with preparing for big moments.

We talked about Wally Pipp. Do you know who that is?

You probably do not but his tale is very important. We also discuss the Kobe Bryant’s philosophy on taking the big shot.

This is a great segment….lot’s of nuggets for people at ALL stages of life.

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