Who is engaging the most this week with your digital brand?

MergedAnalytics has a new feature called….”Most Engaged” .

Most Engaged includes….clicks from social media, email campaigns and website visits….all condensed so you can take the proper action.

MergedAnalytics let’s you know who is engaging with your digital band

Our A/E/C customers use this feature in their MergedAnalytics portal to quickly understand who they should be reaching out to so they can help their prospects through their due diligence.

With this intelligence our A/E/C users are not only making earlier contact with prospects but they are also able to bid on projects earlier in the sale process often before the competition is even aware an opportunity exists.

In the A/E/C world…..Early Bids = More Wins


Memento Mori

Memento Mori…. means….Remember we can die at any moment.

Death can be a great motivator.

One of my favorite speeches was the commencement speak at Stanford University given by Steve Jobs when he was very close to his own death.

He speaks candidly about his own mortality and how he uses it for motivation in a way I had never considered before watching that speech.

I recommend watching it whenever you need motivation.

Remembering you will die will also help you do and say the right things as well….like….making sure you go to your kids game, asking that person out on a date, saying “I love you”, calling your Mother, going for the big job you think you are not qualified to get etc.

We act as if we will live forever . “I will relax after this is over” is what we tell ourselves or all will be good once I get that promotion.

How many times do we hear people dropping dead after they have received exactly what they always wanted.

The journey truly is the gift not the outcome. Have a nice day.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC


Use what you sell

Are you a user of what you are selling?

I believe it is important to be a successful user and believer of whatever it is you are selling.

We have been focusing on A/E/C firms with our marketing efforts.

A/E/C firms leverage MergedAnalytics to learn about opportunities before their competition.

Our marketing efforts are working. How do I know?

I keep receiving alerts from my own instance of MergedAnalytics detailing A/E/C firms interest in MergedAnalytics.

The image below is an example of a Commercial Construction firm in Chicago who was engaging with our website for about 1 hour.

They have obvious interest in MergedAnalytics.

Since I have no connections at this company as of yet….my next action is to click the Linkedin and Google Data bridges and find the right person/people within that firm to discuss how MergedAnalytics can help them win more business!


Lead with MergedAnalytics

Ok B2B Marketing Agencies….this is how you should leverage MergedAnalytics….

  1. Place the MergedAnalytics pixel on your customer’s website …..and wait two weeks
  2. After two weeks… if there is not much actionable intelligence….this is your time to shine!!!! Drive traffic to your customer’s website through SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media etc.
  3. If there is a lot of intelligence….this is a good thing! Analyze the data for your customers and make it simple and actionable. ie…deliver a report that you can generate from MergedAnalytics that highlights the companies and email addresses that interacted with your digital brand the most within the last week or month.
  4. Pricing – at $59 per month….MergedAnalytics should NOT be an extra line item that you charge your customers.

Bake the price into whatever it is you are billing your customer.

You should be saying things like…”when you work with us…these analytics are included! That’s it. Simple and powerful.

Our Marketing Agency customers who follow this model are having success with MergedAnalytics.

Meditation 101

Your assignment for today – Commit to TEN consecutive conscious breaths.

In through your nose….out through your mouth.

Just ten breaths ….can you do it?

One of the most important practices that I have added into my life without a doubt has been meditation. Anyone who knows me knows the impact it has had on my life as I have a problem shutting up about it.

When you find something that has worked wonders….it is natural to feel the urge to share these experiences and try to get others to do it as well. Although it is in vouge today…Talking about meditation can be a major turn off to others. No one likes the “know it all” that claims to know how to fix your issues.

I started my own meditation journey as a personal science project. I would think to myself….”How many people that I admire do I have to read about that owe much of the good things in their lives to meditation before I gave it a try” So I tried it over 8 years ago and stuck with the practice ever since.

I began my journey after reading countless books from famous meditators like #MickeySinger , #DavidFynch and #raydalio and have not missed a day in 8 years. At this point I have created my own practice including breath work and meditation mantras but that is not important right now. In this clip…I get you started with a simple meditation….focusing on your breath.

The reason you focus on breath is probably not what you think .

The best part of meditation is it costs nothing and you can do it from anywhere at any time!

The Meditation Episdoe

This was my favorite podcast episode we have done so far!

Over 8 years ago as a personal science project I started daily meditation and breath work.

I do not believe MergedAnalytics or our podcast would exist if I had never begun meditation.

I only wish I began meditation earlier.

From the Yoga Woman on our website to our title of the “Take a Breath” podcast , Thom and I discuss our meditation process as well as our journey since beginning the daily practice that changed our lives both personally as well as professionally.

Below are the segment breakdowns…

:52 – 4:33 – Significance of the MergedAnalytics logo and yoga woman 

4:37 – 10:14 – Meditation 101

10:17 -13:36 – Knowing you can die at any moment is a great motivator

13:39 – 16:03 – Meditation is a practice

16:33 – 25:50 – Being genuinely nice is a super power

25:52 – 27:33 – 2 of the same actions can produce 2 different outcomes

Recommendations – 27:34 – 28:53

Don’t do this

The benefits of cold emailing over cold calling is that your audience can digest whatever it is you are selling them on their own time….without being put on the spot and ambushed.

With that in mind…a tactic I am seeing with cold emailing is….someone emails me on Monday and by Tuesday morning if I have not replied….they email me again asking me if I had seen their first email.

This could go on 4 or 5 times during that same week.

I am here to tell you to Stop that tactic. It has the exact opposite affect on your prospect. You are pushing them away.

Instead …Send a clear, honest and concise intro email explaining how your product or service will improve the quality of their lives.

Be respectful of your audience’s time. Assume they are busy.

If you do not hear back…contact them again the following week and ask if you should still contact them on this subject.

Do not keep emailing them for the sole purpose to be on top of their email inbox. Be better than that. Your brand deserves better.

In the segment….Thom and I discuss this topic further.


Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC

Skate to where the puck is!

Are you so busy that you could miss an obvious opportunity?

That is exactly what happened to Thom and me.

In this segment we discuss how being so busy presenting everyday made us oblivious to where we were having our most success.

It was only when we slowed down our pace that we realized we were not spending time in the right industry vertical.

We needed to skate to where the puck is and that is exactly what we did.

In our society, being “crazy busy” has become a status symbol but is being so busy all that great?

Often times to speed up…you need to slow down.

Remember that successful people say no more then yes.

Never confuse activity with success.


Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLCMarketing Podcast Network