Good – Jocko Willink

What is your first response when things do not go your way? I was listening to a talk that Jocko Willink gave recently and have now adopted his strategy.

If you do not know who Jocko is…he has become a famous Coach and Motivational speaker. He was a navy seal and heavy combat veteran.

His reaction when something terrible happens is… he says “GOOD”.

Even if that thing was a catastrophe. Rather than feeling sorry for himself… he says “GOOD” and goes from there.

Whatever it is that happens even a tragedy…good can come from it.

He would have his soldiers come up to him and say…”boss we are out of artillery”. His response was “Good” now we are lighter on our feet.

Success is NOT final but neither is failure. That big deal you were counting on didn’t close ….GOOD. Now you have time to get better and be ready for the next one.

Thom and I discuss this further….

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The show opens up with Joe and Thom talking about Jocko Willink and how he reacts to problems.

His first reaction no matter how terrible the situation is….his response is GOOD! Rather then feeling bad for yourself and saying things like “why me”….Jocko says good. Didn’t get that promotion?….GOOD now you have more time to get better for the next opportunity.

Joe and Thom also discuss the importance of penetrating a vertical. This concept is important for many reasons. 1 reason is word of mouth.

People within the same vertical tend to network together. Lawyers talk to other Lawyers. Before they offer their “Recommendations”… Joe and Thom discuss the importance of B2B podcasting in terms of building a trustworthy brand.

0 – 6:28 – “Good” 6:30 – 11:21 – Pick up the phone 11:23 – 16:05 – Value of a Vertical 16:07 – 21:54 – The role of B2B podcasting 22:00 – End – Recommendations

MergedAnalytics and QR Codes

Does your organization user QR Codes?

I recently posted about how we can deliver more intelligence about who is scanning QR Codes.

I figured a video explaining 1 pretty awesome use case may provide more color as to how we are delivering intelligence about WHO is actually clicking your QR Codes.

My customer sends out physical Post Cards each containing a unique QR Code.

Watch the video for specifics.
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Who is clicking your QR Codes?

Do you know who is actually scanning the QR Codes you send out?

MergedAnalytics can deliver intelligence as to WHO is actually scanning your QR Codes.

We are working with a customer who is sending out 3000 physical postcards to 3000 home addresses.

The good news is….the QR Codes are being scanned.

MergedAnalytics helps get you data as to who is scanning QR Codes

The Problem is….my customer has no idea as to WHO is scanning them.

Solution – By Making the QR Code a #MergedAnalytics#Smartlink …as the QR Codes are scanned by people….MergedAnalytics delivers intelligence as to who and when those QR Codes get scanned.

If you are using QR Codes and would like intelligence regarding WHO is actually scanning those QR Codes ….We can help you!


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Livvy Wong on the Value of a great Team

When you purchase software from a vendor…you are buying the people who develop and support that software as well.

With that in mind….the corporate culture and people who make up an organization is as important as the functionality in an application.

Well…if you already liked ActiveCampaign software you are going to love it even more after you listen to Livvy Wong discuss the culture and team environment she has built and nurtures within the organization.

As someone who is building a company right now…this segment resonated with me as I know how important a corporate culture is for the long term success of any organization.

Corporate culture starts at the TOP!


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GTM and MergedAnalytics

Do all analytic tools deliver the same engagement intelligence?

That answer is no.

Analytics is NOT an exact science. Different tools deliver intelligence that other tools do not.

Many organizations have Engagement Intelligence through a CRM application.

Those tools typically only deliver engagement intelligence when a KNOWN person within the CRM system engages with your website.

What about the people who engage with your website anonymously.

Unless they make themselves known to you…. opportunities will be missed.

This is one of the major areas where MergedAnalytics provides value.

What we are finding is different analytic tools do NOT deliver the same results.

Using multiple tools is proving to be a good strategy.

At $59 per month…#MergedAnalytics is the perfect tool to add value to your digital analytics stack.

But wait….you want ONE interface to view these analytics. You do not want to have to go to multiple places for this data.

This is the narrative I am hearing from our customers.

Solution – Place your MergedAnalytics pixel within Google Tag Manager (GTM)….BOOM…Problem solved.

Our customers are loving this.

For instructions as to how to place our pixel on #gtm ….DM me or visit

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Being your authentic self at the workplace

Are you the same person at work that you are at home?

How important is it to feel you can truly be yourself while working a for an organization?

A lot of gems during our discussion with Livvy Wong the Director of Engineering at #activecampaign .

Being your authentic self at the workplace

One theme that stuck out that Livvy talked about was how ActiveCampaign cultivates an environment where employees feel they can be their true selves while still feeling a sense of belonging to the organization as a whole.

To me…this stuck out. How often is it that people behave as one person at work and then become a totally different person at home?

After hearing her speak about the culture at ActiveCampaign…we (MergedAnalytics) made the decision to switch over to them for our Email Outreach.

Livvy talks about importance of being her authentic self. It started when she attended Harvard and has carried over to her life and career.

I made my kids listen to this segment as well.

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Livvy Wong – Morning Routine

Thom and I do not normally have guests on #takeabreath but when we do …we make sure they are awesome.

We had a great conversation with Livvy Wong the Director of Engineering at #activecampaign on “Take a Breath”.

We covered a lot. In this clip Livvy discusses how she wins the morning with a combination of Meditation and some physical therapy exercises.

One thing I thought was really cool that Livvy mentioned was that ActiveCampaign offers a meditation app to all of their employees.

I love that!

This was one of my favorite episodes.

Here is a link to the full episode…  Our Blog – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

You can also access the full “Take A Breath” podcast on Spotify, Amazon , Apple and of course on the MPN (#Marketingpodcastnetwork).

Livvy Wong – Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign

We do not normally have guests on the “Take a Breath” podcast but when we do we make sure they are special.  

Livvy Wong is the Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign.

Aside from being a very accomplished and successful executive in a thriving company…Livvy is a very interesting and cool person.  

Livvy discusses her meditation practice and how she approaches her day. 

Livvy is an amazing ambassador of ActiveCampaign.

She touches on why and how ActiveCampaign is used by more than 185,000 businesses and growing. 

She also talks about the importance AI will have for users of CRM applications like ActiveCampaign going forward.

One of the highlights from this discussion was when Livvy spoke on the importance of how ActiveCampaign the organization provides an environment where she feels she can be her authentic self. 

Listen to the podcast to find out what Voltron Mega Standup is and you will also learn about an amazing Malort cocktail that she recommends at the end of our discussion.

We really enjoyed this conversation, and we hope you do too. 

P.S – ActiveCampaign is offering our listeners a chance to double your contacts for FREE!!!

Go to to sign up today.

If you have 5000 contacts….you will get another 5000 for FREE!!!! This is a great offer.

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