Get good at managing money and hope for competition

Are you good at managing money?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is understanding how to manage money both for the business and for you personally.

Budgeting for taxes and other expenditures is vital again both professional and personal.

Take a Breath – Are you good at managing your money?

You can have the greatest product but if you run out of money…you will be out of business.

Thom and I also discuss how competition in your market segment is actually a positive sign in most cases.

Your competition verifies there is a need for what you are selling.

I would get more worried if I had NO competition.

Learn to love rejection

So you want to start your own business.

The Number 1 skill I would recommend you cultivate is….learn to love rejection!

For real….fall in love with it. Treat it as a game.

Even if you have the most amazing product….you will get plenty of no’s so the quicker you learn to love rejection….the better.

Get the “no’s” out of the way so you can make room for “YES’s” Thom and I had ways to deal with a “no” very early on.

We would tell each other good…we got a no…that means we are closer to a “YES”.

How do you deal with rejection?

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Do you use hashtag#QRCodes?

hashtag#MergedAnalytics can provide detailed insights about the people who scan your QR Codes.

Here’s a real-life example: A private school we work with was sending out postcards to physical addresses, each featuring a QR Code. When scanned, these codes directed recipients to the school’s admissions page.

The school knew their QR Codes were being scanned, but they had no idea who was scanning them—until now.

Now, each postcard features a unique MergedAnalytics SmartLink embedded in its QR Code. With one unique SmartLink per address, the school receives an alert when a specific person scans their QR Code and visits the admissions page.

This means the school not only knows when a QR Code is scanned but also who is scanning it…BOOM!

You can use MergedAnalytics including this QR Code feature FREE. Link to full trial in comments.

and another one

Yet another Commercial Construction firm signed on today to use MergedAnalytics.

Understanding the Company Names and in many cases Email Addresses of who are engaging with your digital brand gives #mergedanalytics users a competitive advantage over their competition.

The engagement intelligence we deliver leads to earlier bids and increased project wins often before the competition is aware of an opportunity.

In Commerical Construction world…once you hear about an opportunity it is often too late to enter a bid.

try it free for 30 days with absolutely no obligation ….

Alerts for specific types of Engagement

#mergedanalytics provides visual indicators highlighting certain types of engagement.

For example…this image shows that I went to my Trial Sign UP page.

Other examples….

– If specific buttons were clicked on your website
– if specific PDF’s or Videos were clicked
– If specific banner ads were clicked
– Perfect feature for A/B testing

Try it today free for 30 days…. MergedAnalytics – Trial Request Form – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales.

Thom Stallings

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Engagement Alerts

This is a MergedAnalytics Engagement Alert.

These alerts are automatically emailed out to you.

You will notice…

– The person’s email address that visited the website
– How many times the visitor has visited the website
– The visitor’s company logo
– Link to the visitor’s Company Website
– Location of the website visitor
– What pages on the website spent time on
– How the visitor arrived at the website

For sales and marketing people to have this kind of information is a super power. Better support, shorter sales cycles and insight who and how people are engaging with your digital brand is a superpower.

Inflation ready?

Inflation is here.

The rate at which inflation has been rising has diminished but pricing rarely drops back down once it rises.

You do not have to be an economist to know your grocery bill is much higher than it was a few years ago.

That means we need to make more money while keeping expenses under control.

Easier said than done.

We can help.

#mergedanalytics is keeping our pre-inflationary pricing at $59 per month.

Why….because we can.

Visual cues

At times, mere engagement notifications might not suffice.

With #mergedanalytics, you have the capability to configure tailored engagement alerts.

These alerts come with visual cues, providing a detailed insight into specific interactions.

For instance, you can receive an engagement notification marked by visual indicators when certain actions, like clicking on a particular banner ad, take place.

start a full trial with no obligation –

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Be what you are selling

Shouldn’t the experts you hire be their own expert first?

Don’t we want…

– our physical trainers to be in good shape?
– our financial planners to have their own finances in order
– our website developers to have a great website

Shouldn’t your marketer drive traffic to their own website too?

be what you sell

Thom and I discuss this topic further.

I tell a story about a marketer I was working with who said they were not getting anything out of hashtag#MergedAnalytics.

I looked into their MergedAnalytics portal and discovered exactly why that was the case.

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