Selling Disguised as NOT Selling

Whatever your job title is…you are selling something to some one. I am sure some readers are saying to themselves right now…I am not in sales.

Yes you are…

– Teachers sell to their students

– Parents sell to their children

– You are selling to your Boss

– Coaches sell to their players

– Dog owners sell to their Dogs

And so on.

More than ever… I have noticed a trend that Sales and Marketers although they are trying to increase sales or entice you to click content links or website pages….are trying to give an impression they are not selling.

As soon as someone senses someone is is trying to sell could be a turn off and even somewhat passé.

No one likes the feeling of being sold or taken advantage of …but the other extreme is just as offensive.

Early Engagement = Conversions

The 2% of your prospects that IDENTIFY themselves to you have a great chance of moving forward with your product or service offering.

These people identify themselves and ask to be contacted. They fill out a form, opt in and make contact with your business in some way. MergedAnalytics is more concerned with the other 98% of your audience who click through your Social Media Posts Links and Website Pages….Anonymously.

This goes way beyond just website visitor intelligence. Who are these people, what Companies are they from, how and where are they interacting with your brand and lastly….what are their needs?

MergedAnalytics will help you answer those questions. In many cases you will be able to proactively ENGAGE with your audience earlier in the sales process than normal putting your organization in position to win more business.

Early Engagement = Conversions

We choose YOU!

Customer – “We are going with MergedAnalytics because it delivers intelligence that I would rather pay $59 per month than the $500 per month your competitor from England charges. “

Sounds reasonable to me.

This was before my customer even knew that he can also use Smartlinks at no additional charge to get even deeper intelligence including EMAIL Addresses.

It is not always about price until it is about price.

Which price sounds better to you?

Big Win over Pardot

We can not help but boast when we beat the big whales in our industry.

A prospect we had who uses Pardot compared the website visitor intelligence we deliver vs Pardot.

We delivered more actionable intelligence then they did.

Deliver White Labeled Intelligence to your Customers

How do you deliver intelligence to your customers?

You built their website and drive traffic to it through…
– Social Media Marketing
– Email Marketing
– online Ads

It could be extremely labor intensive to merge all of those data points together in a simple digestible way.

MergedAnalytics will do all of that for you and you can take ALL the credit for it.


Tools like Mailchimp offer great analytics around the engagement of an audience for a specific campaign.

You will understand who receives an email and if an action was taken like clicking a link that was somewhere in that email. You may even know if a Mailchimp email was forwarded on to someone else.

What happens when the Campaign is over? Do the analytics stop with it?

There is intelligence that can still be gathered and leveraged long after the life of a campaign has ended.

One example – You drive your audience to a specific landing page on your website….your audience however is bouncing off that page on to another page.

Then….those people return to that page outside of the campaign days later? Are you capturing that intelligence?

Mailchimp Integration – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

Customer Experience Management

Do you understand the experience your digital audience is having with your online brand?

By the time your prospects decide to contact your company…in many cases they have already made the decision whether to work with you based on the experience they have had leading up to them making contact.

You are trusting your digital audience that they will see something on your website that will make them want to make contact with you.

What about the companies that never contact your company but clicked through and spent time on your website?

They made decisions on their own not to take that next step. Maybe they misunderstood what you offer?

Maybe they just did not like your website. Maybe they thought what they need….your company does not offer.

There are so many reasons why a next step is NOT taken. How would understanding who is on your website impact your sales/revenue?

In this segment Thom and I discuss how some companies in specific industries are laggards in this area.

We also discuss how one specific company uses the Intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers plus Cupcakes to close more business.

What makes someone good at Sales?

What makes a Sales Person…good at their craft? Hint….no one likes the feeling of being “sold” .

Some of the best salespeople I have known throughout my 20 plus year career have not had great personalities and did not fit the mold of what many think of when the prototypical sales person comes to mind.

Thom and I discuss what characteristics a salesperson needs to be defined as being good (or great) at their craft.

We also discuss how tools like MergedAnalytics make people better at selling and closing business .