Mailchimp Integration

MergedAnalytics comes with MailChimp Integration.

Integrations with ESPs (Email Service Providers) like MailChimp compliment the intelligence we deliver to our users by providing even more actionable data than our users would normally receive.

Like other ESP applications, MailChimp is an email marketing platform that delivers analytics as it pertains to specific email campaign results.  MailChimp has the ability to notify a user when a sent email from MailChimp was opened and if links in that email had been clicked.

MergedAnalytics takes over where MailChimp leaves off.

By utilizing MergedAnalytics in conjunction with Mailchimp our solution provides users the ability to continue to receive intelligence when those people who received the MailChimp email click through OTHER  pages on your website after that initial click on the link in the received Mailchimp email.

In the example below…I created a contact for myself in mailchimp.   I configured both Mailchimp and MergedAnalytics .

I sent myself an email from Mailchimp that included a MergedAnalytics SmartLinks which captured my email address when clicked.

I then received the alert above.   If I were to click on my email address….I would be taken to my contact record in Mailchimp.

Learn how to create Mailchimp SmartLinks:

How to generate your API key and Audience ID in Mailchimp:

Configure Mailchimp Integration on the MergedAnalytics Side: