Get more out of QR Codes

Do you use QR Codes?

MergedAnalytics can provide detailed insights about the people who scan your QR Codes.

Here’s a real-life example: A private school we work with was sending out postcards to physical addresses, each featuring a QR Code. When scanned, these codes directed recipients to the school’s admissions page.

The school knew their QR Codes were being scanned, but they had no idea who was scanning them—until now.

Now, each postcard features a unique MergedAnalytics SmartLink embedded in its QR Code. With one unique SmartLink per address, the school receives an alert when a specific person scans their QR Code and visits the admissions page.

This means the school not only knows when a QR Code is scanned but also who is scanning it.

I scanned one a QR Code …the resulting MergedAnalytics Alert is below….

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