Get more out of QR Codes

Do you use QR Codes ?

MergedAnalytics can provide more information about the people who scan QR Codes.

Real life example...A private School that we work with were sending out post cards to physical addresses. Each postcard contained a QR Code that when scanned brought the recipients who scanned the QR code to their admissions page.

The school already knew that the QR Codes were getting scanned…but they had NO idea who was scanning them…..UNTIL NOW.

Now….Each QR Code on each postcard contains a unique MergedAnalytics SmartLink .

1 unique Smartlink for each QR Code was sent to each address.

When the QR Codes are scanned….our customer is alerted that a specific person at a specific address scanned the code that took them to admissions information on the Private School’s website..

The school will now know not only understand when a QR Codes is scanned but will also know WHO is scanning them.

I scanned one a QR Code …the resulting MergedAnalytics Alert is below….

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