Charlie Munger

What battle are YOU fighting?

Everyone is fighting something…some people have many things stacked against them….not just one thing.

Health , money, relationships, employment, and countless other things clog our conscious minds and at times a helpless feeling can take over.

Crossing any chasm to reach greatness takes dedication, good health, good habits and of course luck.

One of my passions is investing. My two favorite investors of all time are Jack Bogle founder of Vanguard and Charlie Munger who is Warren Buffet’s partner in Berkshire Hathaway.

Jack Vogle had one of the best sayings when the markets go down (or up) and you are worried about your investments. He said….”don’t just stand there…don’t do anything”. That statement is there so people do not trade on emotions.

Charlie Munger also simplifies investing in a way I have never experienced before him.

Aside from the fact that he is 99 years old and still sharp as a tack…he has had countless major setbacks in his life that would have crippled most of us.

Thom and I discuss a few of these major setbacks he experienced and despite them all….he became one of the most successful investors of all time.


Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC

Do you get Stage fright?

Do you get butterflies in your belly before a meeting or presentation?

We do not talk about this topic enough. A little bit of stress is healthy but too much and it will work against you. Below are three ways to help get over that anxious feeling associated with stage fright:

1. Practice and Prepare: One of the best ways to reduce stage fright is to practice your performance in advance.

2. Use Visualization Techniques: Visualization can be a powerful tool to help reduce stage fright. Visualize yourself performing confidently and successfully.

3. Focus on Your Breath: This is my preferred hack to get over most types of stress. When you’re feeling anxious, your breathing can become shallow and rapid. This can make your anxiety worse.

Instead, focus on taking slow, deep breaths. In through your nose….out through your mouth.

Overall, getting over stage fright requires practice, preparation, and a positive mindset. Thom and I discuss this topic in the following segment…

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