Why MergedAnalytics

There is so much to be gained by knowing when someone clicks through your site. The information that MergedAnalytics provides will help you…

  • Understand which Companies are visiting your website and how they got there.
  • Gain insight into whether your Account Based Marketing Strategies are working as expected.
  • Understand what marketing channels are driving people to your website.
  • Better support for your existing customers by understanding the content that is of most interest to them at the moment.
  • See if competitors are clicking through your site.
  • Understand if visitors are clicking on videos or pdf’s that you have posted on your site.
  • Understand which companies visit your site that you have NOT targeted.
  • Gain an advantage to see if you are about to win a deal based on the activity and content you glean from the Visit Intel reports.
  • Insanely Inexpensive

The information you receive from MergedAnalytics will help you and your organization close more business with new prospects as well help you support and ultimately close more new business with your existing customers.