How do you know if that link you sent was clicked?

Do you ever wonder if that important link you sent in an email actually gets clicked?

By using MergedAnalytics SmartLinks™️ with an added a parameter like the person’s email address…. that is the exact type of intelligence we deliver.

In the example above….We sent a video demonstration link to a prospect and we know they clicked it as you can see in the report.

The cool thing is now their email address is associated with that ip address even it is was clicked on their mobile device.

This is important because in the future….if they click a link we post to social media and/or click through our website…we would receive a report like the one below with that activity.

How could knowing the specific needs of your prospects and customers improve their experience when they engage with your digital brand?

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AEC firms love MergedAnalytics

When there is a need to build something….people start to research who is the best suiter for the project.

These prospects start to research who would be the best to work with and build whatever it is they need to build.

They start visiting websites of AEC companies.

Our #aec customers who use #MergedAnalytics are able to understand which companies and in many cases email addresses are engaging with their website. They can even understand what the need is based on this activity.

Armed with the intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers…our customers are able to proactively contact prospects early in the cycle often before the competition is even aware an opportunity exits.

Early contact is leading to early bids.

Early Contact + Delivering an Early Bid = More Wins

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John Wooden

Hall of Fame UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden is a hero of mine.

He coached some of the greatest players ever at UCLA including Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton.

He is famous for many quotes including…”Success is never final, failure is never fatal, and it’s courage that counts.”

Coach Wooden, in teaching his teams to play winning ball, stressed the idea of paying attention to ONLY what was required of them to win.

Focus on playing YOUR game, this minute, all the time. Taking time out to look at the scoreboard and/or game clock splits attention.

One’s play, attitude and intensity should NOT change as the score goes up or down.

His philosophy was…if you are doing your job to the best of your ability…you should NOT be concerned about the scoreboard or even the clock because the winning will take care of itself.

I love this philosophy.

As an entrepreuener….goals can seem impossible if not paralyzing but if you focus on what you can accomplish right now….many little wins can turn into something big.

Humans are always measuring things like bank statements, body weight, friends, material items etc.

This is a complete waste of time and energy albeit easier said than done.

Thom and I discuss this more in the following segment.


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Power of No

Are you comfortable with saying NO ?

Successful people say NO because they understand not only how precious time is but also they understand how to manage their energy which is finite.

I always think of the saying….if you are everything to everybody…in reality you are nothing to no one.

Saying yes to everything spreads you thin, makes you rundown and possibly sick.

Think of your time in terms of supply and demand. The more you limit the supply of your time…you will become more in demand. If you say yes to everything…there will be to much of you and the demand for you will suffer accordingly.

However…when you hear NO from a prospect …that is when the real selling begins.

Many times a “NO” is warranted but other times…a prospect may not see something because they were unaware that “thing” was available in your product.

IN this segment of “Take a Breath”, Thom and I discuss these ideas in more detail.


Who is to say what is good vs what is bad?

Who is to say what is good vs. what is bad?

In reality things happen and that’s it. Labels are not needed. Things are the way they are.

We are the ones who assign labels and decide if that “thing” is good or bad.

The idea as to what is good or bad is subjective to say the least.

I can see something as great and someone else can see that same thing as terrible. My reality is different than yours.

As an entrepreneur and as a human being I cannot tell you how many times something that was initially perceived as “good” really was not so great in the end.

In business this could be landing that whale of an account, but it ultimately ends up sucking all of the resources out of your company, so you lose other accounts in the process.

The same is true for bad events….at the time that “bad” thing happens it seems like the end of the world but when you look back, we see that bad thing as a blessing.

Maybe you lost a deal and missed your numbers….but that loss made you refocus your efforts and discover something new and better in the process all because of that set back.

This cycle goes on and on…..and on.

Thom and I discuss this topic further.

I share a story that anyone who knows me has probably heard 1 too many times.


Who is to say what is good vs. what is bad

Have you ever had a tragedy turn into a blessing?

Have you had something amazing turn into something terrible?

In this episode of the “#takeabreath ” podcast Thom and I discuss that often things are NOT what they seem.

Something that is perceived as “good” could often morph into something not so good and the opposite is true as well.

Very often something that is perceived as bad…turns out great in the end.

Full show here :

Doing business with friends

Do you or better yet….Should you do business with friends and family?

In reality if everyone is honest and levelheaded… it should work out, but we all have cautionary tales of relationships that were ruined by doing business together.

I believe it depends on the nature of the engagement and also depends on your relationship.

Many times a business deal kills relationships that really were not as great as everyone thought in first place.

When I think back to how we started MergedAnalytics in the early days….it was our friends who put the MergedAnalytics pixel on their websites first and gave me valuable (sometimes harsh) feedback and ultimately the confidence to continue on. Some of these friends I had known since I was a child.

I am lucky enough to have friends that are real with me both good and bad.

It was very stressful when we started MergedAnalytics. We were pivoting from our other business and really putting ourselves out there.

Without the confidence I received from friends that I respected….I am not sure I would have stuck it out in terms of building MergedAnalytics.

MergedAnalytics LLCThom Stallings

Try New Things

Are you failing at something today? As we age our thought patterns are like the tracks you make when you ski down a mountain over an over on that same track .

As much as you try to go off that track…you seem to always return to it because the track is too deep and prominent.

Trying new things is often like fresh powder on the slope. Getting out of your comfort is a real thing and it is healthy. Trying just one new thing can have positive effects on other aspects of your life.

If you are not failing at something…you are probably not trying anything new. Growth comes from being scared but doing it anyway. People fear failure because of overactive egos. You need to quiet your ego. Just remember this saying…

– When I was 20 I cared what my peers thought about me.

– When I was 40 I stopped caring what my peers thought about me.

– When I was 60 I realized they weren’t thinking about me in the first place.

There is beauty in struggle.

The gym I used to go to in NYC used to have a saying …”Think Less, Do More”

Thom and I talk more on this topic… #takeabreath #mpn #mergedanalytics Thom Stallings MergedAnalytics LLC

Hacks for when you are down

Objects at rest stay at rest while objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

What do you do when you are feeling down about your business?

You are sitting at your desk staring at your screen. Now what?

I love the stoic saying “Amor Fati”.

Amor Fati teaches us to accept and embrace the events of our lives, both the good and the bad, without resistance or resentment.

The first thing I is take 10 deep breaths and focus on nothing else but those breaths.

The second thing I do post breath work is to pick up the phone and call a “HAPPY” customer just to check in with them.

That is it. That is your assignment today. Call a happy customer.

Thom and I talk more about this in the following segment…

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