Early Engagement = Sales

Buyers are more then 60% through the purchasing process before they make contact with your organization.

They also view an average of 10 pieces of content your organization produces online before they reach out to you.

This means by the time they reach out and make themselves known to you….they have basically already decided they plan to move forward.

To me…this leaves an awful amount of responsibility on the buyer to understand exactly what your company can do for them.

What if they misunderstand some content and then rule your company out based on that misunderstanding?

How would you know they had interest in the first place?

Tools like #mergedanalytics provide an opportunity to engage earlier in the process putting you and your organization in a position to win more than you do today.


Lead Generation

MergedAnalytics is a great tool for telling you who is interacting with your digital brand.

There are times when the intelligence that MergedAnalytics delivers is underwhelming.

Intelligence can not be delivered if no one is interacting with your website or the links you post to social media and/or in your emails.

No analytics is actually important information….it is signaling you need to drive interest and more traffic.

We can help. https://mergedanalytics.com/lead-generation/


Reacting to faulty data

Are reacting to analytics that lack veracity?

If blood work is collected and analyzed by your Dr.. If the numbers from that test are not correct for some reason ….your Dr. may react in a way that he shouldn’t. He may treat you for an issue that you do not have.

If an investor makes investments based on information that lack veracity….that would obviously negatively impact performance and investment money will be lost.

Same is true for your Digital Marketing Analytics.

If you are reacting to clicks made on your website and/or opens and clicks from an email campaign…. you better make sure those opens and clicks were made by real people and not by Bots, Servers, Crawlers etc..

MergedAnalytics filters out non Human Clicks

MergedAnalytics filters out non human clicks by default putting you in a position to focus on real intelligence.

Life is too short to chase bots.




Here is a hack to help with your SEO…

When you add an image in a social media post, webpage or blogpost… make certain you add text in the ” AltText field ” for that image.

Make sure the text is relevant to the content in your post.

Adding text to the “AltText” field is an opportunity to highlight that content to Google.

The “AltText” that you add….is the only thing the crawlers see from the images.

Crawlers recognize “AltText”…., but NOT images.



Get more from QR Codes

Do you know who is clicking your QR Codes?

Do you know if your QR Codes are even getting clicked?

If the QR Code is getting clicked….where else do those people click through on your website.

MergedAnalytics SmartLinks will deliver this intelligence….even in some cases will pick up EMAIL ADDRESSES of the people who click those QR Codes.

Use MergedAnalytics SmartLinks with QR Codes


Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC


Lead Generation

MergedAnalytics is a reporting tool that does NOT drive any traffic to your website. We just deliver who is on your website and how did they get there.

We do however work closely with some amazing professional Lead Generation firms.

Contact MergedAnalytics for Lead Generation

If B2B Lead Generation is something your business needs… ask us!!!!
We will introduce you to the firm that transformed our business because of the targeted leads they continue to deliver to us.



Take the red pill for the truth.

I had to deliver a detailed analytics report to a customer who wanted to see proof that the clicks and opens that are reflected in their ESP (email service provider) where in fact NON HUMAN.

MergedAnalytics filters out NON HUMAN clicks by default.

We figure ….no one would want to take action on clicks that are NOT from real humans.

What happens is an email campaign is sent out from an ESP (email service provider) to “N” number of recipients.

MergedAnalytics does NOT deliver non human clicks

Before those emails are received by real people, the recipient’s corporate cyber security will open the email and click all the links (sometimes more than once) to verify that email does not contain a virus or something else that can harm the company.  

These cyber security and server opens/clicks are reflected in most ESP analytics as REAL even though they were NOT done by humans.

It could be dangerous to follow up on an email you think someone opened but in fact did not.

We were able to send my customer a report detailing how the recipients MS AZURE Server was opening and clicking links that we flagged as NON HUMAN but their ESP reported as real.



How do you make sense of your website traffic?

Of all the website visitor on your site….can you effectively sift through your analytics and pinpoint the exact people to follow up with?

All the clicks from Social Media, Email Campaigns and Website Visits….that is what #mergedanalytics delivers….except we filter out the garbage clicks from non humans. ie bots, server clicks , spiders, crawlers etc.

The bots make it look like a real human opened your email and clicked the links in that email….but even though it looks real…it may not be.

Why do bots click those links?

There are many reasons but often it is your cyber security software clicking those links to make sure they are safe.

If the non human clicks are filtered out by default… your life will be that much easier getting to the real people who are interested in what you are selling.

So when using MergedAnalytics…EXPECT less Analytics because of the way we filter.

WE get rid of the garbage that many others still deliver to you.


Only Human Clicks Wanted

A few things you would probably NOT expect when you use a tool like MergedAnalytics which filters out the non human clicks that other analytic tools report as real.

1. The number of clicks will be much less that what you would expect when using MergedAnalytics because we try not to waste your time with non human clicks
2. Your ESP’s and other analytic tools probably are set to report non human clicks as real clicks.
3. You will be shocked and will not believe that so many of the clicks that are reported as real in many ESP Stacks are actually fake.
4. You will ask us to prove it….and ….we can upon request.

We work with many lead gen agencies so you can imagine how this can be a very emotional subject.

What happens is ….an email campaign is sent out from an ESP (email service provider).
Before those emails are received , the recipient’s cyber security software will open the email and click all the links (sometimes more than once) to verify that email does not contain a virus or something else that can harm the company.

#MergedAnalytics filters those bogus clicks out by default.


Are you chasing clicks from non humans?

Do the digital marketing analytics you deliver to your customers lack veracity?

I work with many marketing agencies and lead gen firms.

I am constantly having to remind my customers that by default MergedAnalytics filters out the server clicks, bots, crawlers and basically all of the non human clicks that many other stacks including Google Analytics deliver.

“But Mailchimp is showing all of these opens and clicks on links in our email campaigns but I am not seeing that data reflected in #mergedanalytics ” they say to me.

To be honest this conversation can get very uncomfortable.

Marketing and Lead Gen Agencies do not want to believe all the work they are doing are not generating results.

No one wants to believe their analytics lack veracity.

As I say often….do not shoot the messenger. You could swallow the blue pill and believe your campaigns are doing amazing.

I would recommend however taking the Red pill and understand the truth.
By searching for the truth you will be that much closer to the path of marketing enlightenment.


Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC