MergedAnalytics – what it is and does

A little more real-world color as to what MergedAnalytics is and how it helps businesses capitalize on engagement intelligence.

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Merge your data points

Gone are the days of scattered data points when it comes to understanding how customers and prospects are interacting with your digital brand.

By seamlessly merging WEBSITE VISITS, EMAIL and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING results, MergedAnalytics provides a comprehensive view of how your prospects and customers engage with your digital brand.

MergedAnalytics consolidates everything into an easily digestible format, empowering you to take decisive action.

Red Car Theory

Thom talks about the “Red Car” Theory and how it applies to the Engagement Intelligence that tools like MergedAnalytics delivers.

By understanding who is engaging with your website pages , social media posts and email campaign…. you have an awareness that otherwise would not be there. Now it is up to you to do something about it. more posts here….

Dangers of raising pricing

What are the real costs of raising your prices?

When you raise your prices what are you giving your customers in return? Are you risking the loss of customers?

At what inflection point do people say…” you know what, I can do this myself instead”?

Also…is YouTube a real competitor to people with trade skills? Could watching YouTube instructional videos be an inflation hedge?

Thom and I discuss inflation, opportunity costs, do it yourself strategies and more in this segment of “Take a Breath”.

No one said it would be easy

No one ever said selling a product or service would be easy.

It is especially difficult when you are dealing with a prospect’s preconceived notion about salespeople in general.

If you are a salesperson, you have to first subtly convince your prospect that you are a genuine honest person before you sell them a product or service.

It is especially difficult for salespeople who know they have a tool that will provide real value and a measurable ROI to convince a prospect who does NOT want to meet…to meet with them.

Thom and I discuss this further. There is no great answer for this one other than to stay in it if you believe in what you are doing.


Are you a Luddite?

Are you a Luddite? Without using Google or Chatgpt…do you know what it means when you are referred to as a Luddite?

You may very well be one.

Thom and I discuss AI in terms of what it means for humanity going forward.

I tell the story about the Luddites which were a group of people following a guy named Ned Ludd during the industrial revolution.

Lud along with his followers were destroying sewing machines so “save” the jobs of humans. These people were worried that their services were not needed anymore and that is how they dealt with it.

Whether you are scared or hate the idea AI….it is really irrelevant. It’s here, getting more powerful every second.

In 1-5 years AI will be smarter that all humans on earth combined.

Do not be a luddite.


Take a Breath /03/25/24 – AI, inflation, YouTube

Welcome back to another insightful episode of “Take a Breath,” where hosts Joe and Thom engage in candid conversations that encourage listeners to pause, reflect, and gain fresh perspectives on various aspects of life and business.

In this episode, Joe and Thom embark on a journey through topics ranging from the intricacies of pricing strategies to the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, all while delving into the nuances of personal growth and decision-making.

Join us as we explore the dangers of price hikes without added value, ponder the role of YouTube in education, dissect the impacts of inflation on consumer behavior, and contemplate the profound implications of embracing discomfort for success.

Get ready to take a deep breath and dive into stimulating discussions that will leave you inspired and motivated to navigate the complexities of the modern world with courage and clarity.

Improved – Emailed Engagement Alerts

We are thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our MergedAnalytics site alert email notifications!
Your feedback has been invaluable to us, and we’ve been hard at work implementing changes to enhance your experience.

Here’s what you can expect from our latest updates:
Cleaner Format: We’ve revamped the layout of our site alert emails to provide you with a sleeker and more organized design. With improved readability and visual appeal, finding essential information is now easier than ever.
Visitor Recognition: Now, when you receive a site alert email, you’ll immediately know if the visitor is new or returning. This feature aims to personalize your interaction with our platform, ensuring a more tailored experience based on your history with us.
Company Logo Display: To add a personal touch and facilitate recognition, we’re including the logo of the visiting company in our site alert emails.

These enhancements not only make the emailed notifications visually engaging but also helps you identify the source of the visit at a glance.

We believe that these updates will significantly enhance your experience with our site alert emails, making them more informative, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our services.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

MergedAnalytics is a great Inflation hedge

The Increased inflation trend implies that the prices you’re accustomed to will continue to shift upwards.

The problem is…with most things we buy…. once the price is raised…they do not come back down.

Our customers have put us to the test comparing the analytics we deliver vs. our competition. We win every time even when price is NOT considered.

Using MergedAnalytics is a hedge against inflation.

$59 per month
Minutes to set up
GDPR Compliant
Simple to use

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