Do MORE with MergedAnalytics

Do MORE with MergedAnalytics :

With MergedAnalytics Site Alerts there are features and services that can be leveraged in addition to the Site Tracking Alerts:

  •  There is a feature called VZIT.CO within “MergedAnalytics” that generates a branded URL shortened landing page web address ( like Once you generate the shortened  address….it has “MergedAnalytics” Tracking already embedded in it.  LEARN MORE
  • Apply “MergedAnalytics” tracking to a defined list of Contacts ( from Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Hub Spot etc) so that when those people visit your site in the future…you will know exactly who clicked on what web pages on your site
  • Apply “MergedAnalytics” tracking to an attachment embedded in an email or on a website….alerting you when that attachment has been opened.
  • Apply “MergedAnalytics” tracking to a signature block that links to your site. So you will know if they came to your site via the sig block.
  • Within “MergedAnalytics” you can assign what reports go to which sales people. (ie. by territory)
  • There is the ability to create Excel reports that show the Macro Trends
  • Set up “MergedAnalytics” to track what specific Email Campaign and/or Press Release triggered a site visit whether in house or from an ESP (email service provider)