Showing up on time is too late

If you are showing up “on time” for a Networking Event…you are too late.

Thom and I talk about how important networking in person is even when you sell software like we do.

Yes…it is better to do the demonstration via zoom but at some point you need to physically meet your customers.

I find that customers who you never meet in person have an easier time moving on from you.

When you have a physical connection….the relationship means more.

By the way…the same goes if you are an employee and work from home.

Statistically…the people who DO NOT have strong in person relationships with managers and coworkers…are most likely the first to be let go during layoffs.

Thom and I discuss this further.


It was a very good year

MergedAnalytics had a great year. We grew almost 450%.

The “Take a Breath” Podcast is meant to educate entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to talk about how the sausage is made.

Success is not always interesting.

What we find interesting is discussing our trials and tribulations and how we came out on the other side.

Hopefully we can help you getting your business off the ground.

The growth we had in 2023 was NOT only because we grew our customer base…we did, rather our growth happened also because of various ways we worked smarter.

In this episode Thom discuss why we grew in 2023.


Finding your passion

What is the difference between stress and passion?

One definition is…

Working hard on something you hate is called Stress.

Working hard on something you love is called Passion.

The issue is finding your passion.

We all know some people who found their life passion accidentally.

Most of the time finding a passion early in life is based on luck.

But what about the majority of us who have not found that 1 passion.

Discipline is the answer.

It is through discipline you find freedom.

The feeling of freedom puts you on the right frequency to find your passion/purpose.

Thom and I discuss finding passion and purpose in this clip.

The value of sticking with it

What is the value of sticking with things?

Although it may seem difficult in the moment…. often NOT quitting and grinding something out turns out much better than you would think.

Thom and I discuss how without sticking with MergedAnalytics…there is so much we would have missed.

Some advantages of sticking with a startup business…

– Stories – In the beginning the stories are few and far between but as time goes on…experiences happen that turn into interesting stories that help market your brand

– New verticals – We can sell #mergedanalytics to ANY B2B business but we discovered the value of pursuing a vertical

– The value of Verticals – You learn their pains and vernacular. You start to network where they network. Your world becomes smaller. Your prospects network with each other.

– Using your product in other ways – We discovered a great niche by leveraging QR Codes with MergedAnalytics #smartlinks. This idea came to us from one of our long-time customers.

By the way…as Kenny Rogers said…”you have know when to foldem” as well.

The point here is…we often walk away from opportunities too soon.

Thom Stallings

Too many Philosophers?

Are we seeing a bubble in the executive self-help/coaching industry?

Are there too many philosophers?

There have been debates recently on social media that there are too many people out there who claim to have it all figured out.

These people constantly preach to us how to be more productive and effective with ourselves, coworkers, friends, family, prospects and customers.

Ice baths, breathing, exercises, fasting, side hustles, newsletters…. all in the name of self-improvement and success.

I think something else is going on here.

My take is….I believe these people are simply projecting and mostly speaking to themselves.

There is a saying that you learn through teaching.

I believe that is actually what is going on here.

This is all fine but I believe we need to be aware and recognize what is really going on before we consume advice from people who may or may not have it all figured out better than ourselves.

Have confidence that you actually know what you are doing.

By the way, I am speaking to myself not you!
Thom Stallings MergedAnalytics LLC

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Commercial Construction

“We’re really excited about our adoption of MergedAnalytics.

Set-up was painless and took literally minutes to install.

We’re tracking very specific types of building opportunities that are executed by a relatively small pool of real estate developers.

Knowing when these developers visit our website and the content they’re viewing is tremendously valuable.

MergedAnalytics is great for AEC firms

It’s a really strong indicator for us that they may be seeking our services in the near future.

This allows us to be proactive and engage early with a prospect.

Timing is everything in our business and the information provided by
MergedAnalytics allows us to bid earlier resulting in more wins.”

—Vice President of Business Development of a Commercial Construction firm using MergedAnalytics.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC


Do you trust Linkedin Likes?

What does it mean to you when someone “Likes” your post?

To me…I do not always trust “Likes”.

Did this person give me a “Like” because they genuinely liked my post or is there an ulterior motive?

Often times truly Liking a post is the 4th or 5th reason you get a Like.

Reasons why people “Like” posts….

– To interact with someone who they are NOT Linkedin with as of yet
– To change their algorithm on Linkedin to appear in other feeds
– To interact and Link in with someone ELSE who “Liked” your post
– Because they actually LIKED what you posted.

That last one these days seems like the least important reason to give a Like.

I find the majority of people who have a Linkedin account….like to consume content passively and anonymously….and they have good reason to have that opinion.

Having said the above…. it is still very important to post and post often if you are building/nurturing your brand.

When in doubt…post. Even if you are not getting likes…it is being viewed.

Thom and I discuss this topic more in this short clip.

MergedAnalytics LLCThom Stallings


The value of marketing to a vertical

Are your marketing efforts focused on a vertical?

If your product or service is everything to everyone…you are also nothing to no one.

My company, #MergedAnalytics for example is a tool that any B2B company with a website could leverage however we are focused in the #AEC vertical.

People within the same vertical tend to network and speak with each other. They tend to talk to each other about problems (and solutions) within their industry.

Lawyers network with lawyers. Marketers network with marketers.

And so on.

There are countless other benefits like really understanding the laws, vernacular, pitfalls and problems that exists within certain verticals.

During our previous episode @Livvy Won explained how ActiveCampaign grew their customer base of 185,000 by word of mouth within the small business and solopreneur vertical. Word of mouth!!!!!

In this segment Thom and I discuss the value of focusing your networking, marketing and sales efforts within a specific vertical.