The value of sticking with it

What is the value of sticking with things?

Although it may seem difficult in the moment…. often NOT quitting and grinding something out turns out much better than you would think.

Thom and I discuss how without sticking with MergedAnalytics…there is so much we would have missed.

Some advantages of sticking with a startup business…

– Stories – In the beginning the stories are few and far between but as time goes on…experiences happen that turn into interesting stories that help market your brand

– New verticals – We can sell #mergedanalytics to ANY B2B business but we discovered the value of pursuing a vertical

– The value of Verticals – You learn their pains and vernacular. You start to network where they network. Your world becomes smaller. Your prospects network with each other.

– Using your product in other ways – We discovered a great niche by leveraging QR Codes with MergedAnalytics #smartlinks. This idea came to us from one of our long-time customers.

By the way…as Kenny Rogers said…”you have know when to foldem” as well.

The point here is…we often walk away from opportunities too soon.

Thom Stallings