Inflation ready?

Inflation is here.

The rate at which inflation has been rising has diminished but pricing rarely drops back down once it rises.

You do not have to be an economist to know your grocery bill is much higher than it was a few years ago.

That means we need to make more money while keeping expenses under control.

Easier said than done.

We can help.

#mergedanalytics is keeping our pre-inflationary pricing at $59 per month.

Why….because we can.

Visual cues

At times, mere engagement notifications might not suffice.

With #mergedanalytics, you have the capability to configure tailored engagement alerts.

These alerts come with visual cues, providing a detailed insight into specific interactions.

For instance, you can receive an engagement notification marked by visual indicators when certain actions, like clicking on a particular banner ad, take place.

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Be what you are selling

Shouldn’t the experts you hire be their own expert first?

Don’t we want…

– our physical trainers to be in good shape?
– our financial planners to have their own finances in order
– our website developers to have a great website

Shouldn’t your marketer drive traffic to their own website too?

be what you sell

Thom and I discuss this topic further.

I tell a story about a marketer I was working with who said they were not getting anything out of hashtag#MergedAnalytics.

I looked into their MergedAnalytics portal and discovered exactly why that was the case.

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more episodes here….Our Blog – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

Should Business owners have Therapists?

Do all entrepreneurs need a therapist?

Thom and I discuss the manic ups and downs that we experience daily. We know we are not unique. Most Entrepreneurs feel what we are feeling on a day to day basis too!

In fact…it was these types of conversations that prompted Thom and I to start the “Take a Breath Podcast.”

We were having deep conversations daily sometimes multiple times a day until one day I said… ” you know what…others may find value in our conversations….let’s record them”. And so we did.

We did not (and still do not) care if anyone listened.

We rarely have guests.

We just talk to each other about what is going on in both our professional and personal lives..

3 years later our little “Take a Breath” podcast has taken on a life of it’s own.

Our only objective was to document our process…the good and the bad.

We hope you get as much out of it as we do.

Be Yourself always in every situation.

Do you live two separate lives?

Are you a different person professionally then you are personally?

Which one do you like better?

I believe it is a huge energy drain if you are two different people at home and at work. I also believe we should aim to be our authentic selves always and at all costs. Everyone is better off if we are authentic and genuine.

Thom and I discuss this topic further in this clip.

The message is…just be yourself.

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Dangers of raising pricing

What are the real costs of raising your prices?

When you raise your prices what are you giving your customers in return? Are you risking the loss of customers?

At what inflection point do people say…” you know what, I can do this myself instead”?

Also…is YouTube a real competitor to people with trade skills? Could watching YouTube instructional videos be an inflation hedge?

Thom and I discuss inflation, opportunity costs, do it yourself strategies and more in this segment of “Take a Breath”.

No one said it would be easy

No one ever said selling a product or service would be easy.

It is especially difficult when you are dealing with a prospect’s preconceived notion about salespeople in general.

If you are a salesperson, you have to first subtly convince your prospect that you are a genuine honest person before you sell them a product or service.

It is especially difficult for salespeople who know they have a tool that will provide real value and a measurable ROI to convince a prospect who does NOT want to meet…to meet with them.

Thom and I discuss this further. There is no great answer for this one other than to stay in it if you believe in what you are doing.


Every young adult should wait tables

Every young adult should wait tables at some point in their career.


– requirement gathering

– customer service

– sales

– upselling

– setting expectations

– performance based compensation in the form of tips

– money management

– learning how to work with a team

– learning how to support coworkers

Those were just some of the many benefits I came up with off the top of my head.

Maybe most importantly, waiting tables will teach empathy towards people in other occupations like taxi drivers, cleaners etc.

People show me all I need to know about them when they are nasty to their wait staff. Thom and I go deep on this subject in the following clip.

Thom Stallings #takeabreath #mergedanalytics #mpn

Caller ID for your website

A prospect who actually likes #mergedanalytics told me he found the tool a little creepy.

I created this short video to respond to these types of concerns.

Think of MergedAnalytics as caller ID for your website.

– NO Tracking Cookies
– GDPR compliant
– Email Addresses that are delivered have Opted In
– IP address ownership is public information
– $59 per month
– Simple to set up and use

If you have questions…DM me!

link to website in comments.

Meeting in person vs. Zoom

We ran a report and found our best customers were also the ones we had either met in person at some point or were the result of a referral that we had met in person.

Overwhelmingly the in person relationships are our longest and best customers.

Thom and I discuss this more in the following clip.