Fractional CMO’s

White Labeled MergedAnalytics is a great tool for Fractional CMO’s.

– Begin a new engagement by adding value right away

– The intelligence that MergedAnalytics delivers provides direction for incoming the CMO

– White Labeled MergedAnalytics provides a Top of Mind Presence

– MergedAnalytics costs $59 per month

– No annual contracts –

Takes minutes to install –

GDPR compliant –

Uses ZERO tracking cookies

Thoughts on College

The conversation around the Return on Investment when it comes to attending a university can generate various strong emotional responses.

Let me be clear…. I believe in a lifelong commitment to education.

I would be ignorant to say that no one should go to college. It obviously depends on your desired career path.

When the perception that college is the only way to advance a career….it creates an opportunity for inflated tuition prices as well as the quality and benefits of attending a university could become diluted. If everyone has the same diploma…the value of that diploma is diminished.

When people feel they have other options for a path to success….I believe this helps lift all boats including the people who attend Universities.

With competition…If people realize there are other ways to create viable careers without having to go into debt …..tuition prices will come down and the quality of an education would improve.

Zach and I discuss the idea of choosing different paths after High School rather than the conventional one’s people make after senior year of high school which usually includes attending a university.

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Zach Reisler

Zach Reisler is not your typical 18 year old .

He started his first company at the age of 14. He has since started 9 more businesses.

He has published videos that have received over 14millions views and 100’s of thousand of comments.

He is a world traveler, digital marketer and happens to be a senior in high school.

I wanted to learn more about Zach.

What are his days like?

What are his plans after high school?

How did he receive 14millions views on a video? I think Zach represents a change in our perception of traditional paths for young adults getting started in life.

There are multiple paths people can take…not just 1. This is Zach’s Story.

Truth Hurts

It’s not us …it’s you.

Thom and I talk about how there are times when #mergedanalytics does not deliver intelligence. In most cases…it is not us…it’s you!

MergedAnalytics is just the messenger.

We also discuss how Commercial Design and Build firms seem to get the most actionable intelligence while our Marketing Agency partners seem to get the worst.

I have yet to figure out why this is and if I am being honest….I am not sure I really care.

We also discuss how Fractional CMO’s are leveraging our white labeled versions for their customers.

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Showing up on time is too late

If you are showing up “on time” for a Networking Event…you are too late.

Thom and I talk about how important networking in person is even when you sell software like we do.

Yes…it is better to do the demonstration via zoom but at some point you need to physically meet your customers.

I find that customers who you never meet in person have an easier time moving on from you.

When you have a physical connection….the relationship means more.

By the way…the same goes if you are an employee and work from home.

Statistically…the people who DO NOT have strong in person relationships with managers and coworkers…are most likely the first to be let go during layoffs.

Thom and I discuss this further.


MergedAnalytics for Fractional CMO’s

A White Labeled version of MergedAnalytics with your branding is a smart and effective way for a Fractional CMO to begin a new engagement.

Right away you will be adding value and even more so…you will build trust.

How is the trust built?

Every situation is different from what is needed from a marketing standpoint.

In the past…all you had was a hammer and everything was a nail.

But in the same way a blood test provides a road map for how your Dr. treats you ….by reviewing the analytics MergedAnalytics delivers will provide clues as to what is needed from that CMO.

Thom and I discuss this topic in the below clip.

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Should you speak with ALL Linkedin Connections?

Should you set up meetings with ALL of your Linkedin Connections?

That is the question Thom asked me in this clip of our “Take a Breath” Podcast.

I disagreed with him.

I have accepted many Linkedin requests of people who I believed would widen my network reach for posts like this one for example.

Thom presented a good case and made it hard to disagree with him.

What do you think?


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MergedAnalytics is the perfect tool for AEC Firms

In the AEC world, by the time you find out about an opportunity….it is already too late to bid on it.

MergedAnalytics delivers intelligence that will give your firm clues about opportunities before they are made public.

This means you have the ability to make contact with your prospects and be the earliest bidder in many cases before your competition is even aware an opportunity exists.

Early bids = More Wins

Try it free for 30 days. No obligation. We will not even ask for a credit card.

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Do you use Nutshell for your Email Automation?

Announcing Nutshell and MergedAnalytics connectivity!
In the same way MergedAnalytics connects with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, MS Dynamics 365 and many others…. we now have Nutshell integration!

Our integrations provide other layers of intelligence that let’s our users understand who and how their audience is engaging with the links they post to social media and in email campaigns as well as the pages they click on their website.

Set up instructions ….Nutshell Integration – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

Thom Stallings

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