The value of sticking with it

What is the value of sticking with things?

Although it may seem difficult in the moment…. often NOT quitting and grinding something out turns out much better than you would think.

Thom and I discuss how without sticking with MergedAnalytics…there is so much we would have missed.

Some advantages of sticking with a startup business…

– Stories – In the beginning the stories are few and far between but as time goes on…experiences happen that turn into interesting stories that help market your brand

– New verticals – We can sell #mergedanalytics to ANY B2B business but we discovered the value of pursuing a vertical

– The value of Verticals – You learn their pains and vernacular. You start to network where they network. Your world becomes smaller. Your prospects network with each other.

– Using your product in other ways – We discovered a great niche by leveraging QR Codes with MergedAnalytics #smartlinks. This idea came to us from one of our long-time customers.

By the way…as Kenny Rogers said…”you have know when to foldem” as well.

The point here is…we often walk away from opportunities too soon.

Thom Stallings

Are you chasing clicks from non humans?

Do the digital marketing analytics you deliver to your customers lack veracity?

I work with many marketing agencies and lead gen firms.

I am constantly having to remind my customers that by default MergedAnalytics filters out the server clicks, bots, crawlers and basically all of the non human clicks that many other stacks including Google Analytics deliver.

“But Mailchimp is showing all of these opens and clicks on links in our email campaigns but I am not seeing that data reflected in #mergedanalytics ” they say to me.

To be honest this conversation can get very uncomfortable.

Marketing and Lead Gen Agencies do not want to believe all the work they are doing are not generating results.

No one wants to believe their analytics lack veracity.

As I say often….do not shoot the messenger. You could swallow the blue pill and believe your campaigns are doing amazing.

I would recommend however taking the Red pill and understand the truth.
By searching for the truth you will be that much closer to the path of marketing enlightenment.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC


Tools like Mailchimp offer great analytics around the engagement of an audience for a specific campaign.

You will understand who receives an email and if an action was taken like clicking a link that was somewhere in that email. You may even know if a Mailchimp email was forwarded on to someone else.

What happens when the Campaign is over? Do the analytics stop with it?

There is intelligence that can still be gathered and leveraged long after the life of a campaign has ended.

One example – You drive your audience to a specific landing page on your website….your audience however is bouncing off that page on to another page.

Then….those people return to that page outside of the campaign days later? Are you capturing that intelligence?

Mailchimp Integration – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

Deliver White Labeled Intelligence in your Brand

Marketing/Media Agencies who do the following for their customers including….

– Build websites
– Create, Schedule and Send mass emails and newsletters of behalf of their customers
– Post actionable content to social media on behalf of their customers

… often require that one last piece to easilyMERGE those data points together into clear and actionable reports.

To achieve this level of reporting… they are using MergedAnalytics to deliver this intelligence but in their own Branding!

In this segment Thom and I discuss how and why White Labeling MergedAnalytics make so much sense for these types of organizations.

The importance of Email Addresses

When it comes to your digital audience….It’s all about knowing email addresses and interest level in your company’s offerings.

The typical scenario …. a person receives an email with a link … that person clicks the link….looks at your website quickly and is interested.

They decide to return to your website later on when they have more time.

It is when these people return to your website that is the key ingredient.

Thom and I discuss the importance of why integrations with tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign etc. make MergedAnalytics essential for your business.

We are winning!

SmartLinks, Integrations with ESP’s and Price.

We have been on a winning streak lately and these are the 3 key differentiators that seem to set us apart.

That is the feedback we hear as to why we win.

I think it is much simpler then that…. We win because of our story and because of the people that make up our organization.

Become a part of our story –

ConstantContact Integration is HERE!

Announcing MergedAnalytics integration with ConstantContact!!!

When integrated with ConstantContact….MergedAnalytics delivers additional layers of intelligence where your ESP and CRM tools leave off.

Aside from ConstantContact…our other integrations include…Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ClickDimensions , MS Dynamics and VanillaSoft CRM.

It is one thing to understand when someone clicks a link in your email…but wat about where those people go on your website after that initial click? And….what happens when those people return to your website?

The answers to those two questions is the reason why integrating MergedAnalytics with ESPs and CRMs is so important.


MergedAnalytics is proud to announce that we have added yet another integration to our arsenal.

This time with ClickDimensions.

Some of our other integrations include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, MS Dynamics and VanillaSoft CRM.

Understanding the Company Names is nice…but knowing the actual EMAIL ADDRESSES of the people clicking through your website is nicer.

How about Email Addresses?

If you are using Mailchimp , ActiveCampaign, MS Dynamics and/or VanillaSoft for any of your eMarketing efforts….you need to talk to us.

Actually…whatever ESP or CRM package you are using….you could be getting more intelligence about how your contacts are interacting with your digital brand.

Learn how MergedAnalytics delivers additional layers of intelligence when integrating with ESPs and CRMs. We deliver intelligence that you are not receiving today by utilizing our MergedAnalytics SmartLinks . Learn more….