Are you chasing clicks from non humans?

Do the digital marketing analytics you deliver to your customers lack veracity?

I work with many marketing agencies and lead gen firms.

I am constantly having to remind my customers that by default MergedAnalytics filters out the server clicks, bots, crawlers and basically all of the non human clicks that many other stacks including Google Analytics deliver.

“But Mailchimp is showing all of these opens and clicks on links in our email campaigns but I am not seeing that data reflected in #mergedanalytics ” they say to me.

To be honest this conversation can get very uncomfortable.

Marketing and Lead Gen Agencies do not want to believe all the work they are doing are not generating results.

No one wants to believe their analytics lack veracity.

As I say often….do not shoot the messenger. You could swallow the blue pill and believe your campaigns are doing amazing.

I would recommend however taking the Red pill and understand the truth.
By searching for the truth you will be that much closer to the path of marketing enlightenment.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC