Good – Jocko Willink

What is your first response when things do not go your way? I was listening to a talk that Jocko Willink gave recently and have now adopted his strategy.

If you do not know who Jocko is…he has become a famous Coach and Motivational speaker. He was a navy seal and heavy combat veteran.

His reaction when something terrible happens is… he says “GOOD”.

Even if that thing was a catastrophe. Rather than feeling sorry for himself… he says “GOOD” and goes from there.

Whatever it is that happens even a tragedy…good can come from it.

He would have his soldiers come up to him and say…”boss we are out of artillery”. His response was “Good” now we are lighter on our feet.

Success is NOT final but neither is failure. That big deal you were counting on didn’t close ….GOOD. Now you have time to get better and be ready for the next one.

Thom and I discuss this further….

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