MergedAnalytics mentioned in a post by Marcus Grimm regarding the future of Cookies and IP address Tracking tools

A post by Marcus Grimm regarding IP Address tracking caught my eye because well…that is what MergedAnalytics provides.

The best part about reading this post completely unprovoked was…he mentioned MergedAnalytics as being a tool that in his words is … “battle- proof”.

He wrote…
“For many of my clients, I’ll deploy MergedAnalytics on their website. It’s less than a hundred bucks per month and is relatively battle-proof. “

Anyway….read on. There are some good nuggets of information for any company looking to get more information on the People and Companies who are interacting with their digital brand.

Also… Marcus wrote this post on a platform called…..NotePD .

NotePD is a tool developed by my virtual Mentor James Altucher. Great social media tool that will help you become an idea machine if used daily.

Here is the link…