Who is clicking your QR Codes?

Do you know who is actually scanning the QR Codes you send out?

MergedAnalytics can deliver intelligence as to WHO is actually scanning your QR Codes.

We are working with a customer who is sending out 3000 physical postcards to 3000 home addresses.

The good news is….the QR Codes are being scanned.

MergedAnalytics helps get you data as to who is scanning QR Codes

The Problem is….my customer has no idea as to WHO is scanning them.

Solution – By Making the QR Code a #MergedAnalytics#Smartlink …as the QR Codes are scanned by people….MergedAnalytics delivers intelligence as to who and when those QR Codes get scanned.

If you are using QR Codes and would like intelligence regarding WHO is actually scanning those QR Codes ….We can help you!



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