3 D’s

The Three D’s we use to be productive consist of….

– Do it

– Delegate it

– Defer it

We learned these principals from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” …GTD Each one of the three D’s represent a trusted bucket.

Without trust….this system does not work. For example….You need to be able to fully trust that when you delegate something to someone …it is going to get done as good as if you did that thing yourself.

Without TRUST…you will waste the energy and time you need to do the things that need your attention.

Basically without TRUSTED BUCKETS…the organization will not grow the way it can and should.

Thom and I discuss these principals plus other books that have helped us along the way. mergedanalytics.com Thom Stallings MergedAnalytics LLC #mergedanalytics #smartlinks #gtd