Livvy Wong – Morning Routine

Thom and I do not normally have guests on #takeabreath but when we do …we make sure they are awesome.

We had a great conversation with Livvy Wong the Director of Engineering at #activecampaign on “Take a Breath”.

We covered a lot. In this clip Livvy discusses how she wins the morning with a combination of Meditation and some physical therapy exercises.

One thing I thought was really cool that Livvy mentioned was that ActiveCampaign offers a meditation app to all of their employees.

I love that!

This was one of my favorite episodes.

Here is a link to the full episode…  Our Blog – Connecting the dots between Marketing and Sales. (

You can also access the full “Take A Breath” podcast on Spotify, Amazon , Apple and of course on the MPN (#Marketingpodcastnetwork).