Being your authentic self at the workplace

Are you the same person at work that you are at home?

How important is it to feel you can truly be yourself while working a for an organization?

A lot of gems during our discussion with Livvy Wong the Director of Engineering at #activecampaign .

Being your authentic self at the workplace

One theme that stuck out that Livvy talked about was how ActiveCampaign cultivates an environment where employees feel they can be their true selves while still feeling a sense of belonging to the organization as a whole.

To me…this stuck out. How often is it that people behave as one person at work and then become a totally different person at home?

After hearing her speak about the culture at ActiveCampaign…we (MergedAnalytics) made the decision to switch over to them for our Email Outreach.

Livvy talks about importance of being her authentic self. It started when she attended Harvard and has carried over to her life and career.

I made my kids listen to this segment as well.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC