Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

“This is the first time I am answering a unsolicited email on LinkedIn. We’ll done”

That was the ending of a reply I received this morning in a Sales Navigator email from a new prospect.

I have learned more in the last two weeks when it comes to marketing outreach then I did in Business School and running my last organization combined.

These are the big lessons I am walking away with from the last 2 weeks…

– We hired a marketing team. This company does what they say they are going to do and we are getting results. We view them and they view us as partners.

To be honest…we are overwhelmed with how many demos we are setting up because of them.

I now have time to do many other things to run the business instead of constantly looking for new prospects.

– Audience – We barely changed our messaging but because we are now targeting the RIGHT audience….the responses have been unbelievable. Know your target audience.

Marketing Message to new prospects – As I mentioned above we barely changed our messaging that we send out to new prospects. This made me skeptical that we would not see any success but because we are now engaging the right audience…our message is resonating like we always thought it would.

LUCK – This is the most important one. We were not ready to hire a marketing team before recently until we were ready.

The “Luck” we are having now is nothing more then the result of all of our preparation intersecting with the opportunity to work with the right marketing team. Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

Product – You can have the right target audience, messaging, money backing your business etc….but if your product or service does not work or is not needed….you have no business. Our conversion and retention rates have ALWAYS been above 90%.

Happy Holidays!