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Do you answer your phone for cold calls?

By nature I am an introvert so cold callers are at a disadvantage when they call me under most conditions.

Even when I am in need of the product or service the cold caller is calling about…I still rush them off the phone.

I suspect I am not alone. Most people do not even answer their if they do not recognize the incoming number.

A few weeks back Thom and I received a lot of good feedback from a podcast where we discussed our own hypothesis that Podcasting in many cases is warming up prospects better then cold calls. For this reason…B2B podcasting is taking off.

You should check out the #MarketingPodcastNetwork that is run by Jason Falls for more B2B podcasts.

Anyway….the hypothesis we discussed was not made up…but based on our own experience while running our company #mergedanalytics .

Because of our podcasting…when we speak to prospects they often feel they know us already and have spoken to us before that initial call…..all because they have listened to our podcast.

Thom and I discuss this more in this segment…

The full podcast can be found here…

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