Skating to where the puck is….full podcast

Do you use shows like Shark Tank in the right way?

Your goal should not be to get Mark Cuban to invest in your company rather…concern yourself with questions like….do you have a company that Mark Cuban or the other sharks would want to invest in?

Do you understand the situations as to when the Sharks agree to invest?

For example….they seem to invest most when a company owner has no debt but has committed sales orders that they need to fulfill and deliver.

Companies that have orders….but not the resources to fulfil those orders…..they get investment money.

The main goal of your business is NOT to be on Shark Tank rather….it should be to create a business that the Sharks would be fighting each other over because they want to invest with you .

The same can be said about building an audience for your podcast.

Do not worry if you have an audience….rather create content that is worthy of an audience.

Create content that you would listen to if it was not your show.

This was a great episode where Thom and I discuss Shark Tank along with other topics including….

– Skating to where the puck is with your business
– How important it is to use the products you sell
– How Marketing Agencies should use tools like MergedAnalytics
– Our recommendations for other shows and books