The Meditation Episdoe

This was my favorite podcast episode we have done so far!

Over 8 years ago as a personal science project I started daily meditation and breath work.

I do not believe MergedAnalytics or our podcast would exist if I had never begun meditation.

I only wish I began meditation earlier.

From the Yoga Woman on our website to our title of the “Take a Breath” podcast , Thom and I discuss our meditation process as well as our journey since beginning the daily practice that changed our lives both personally as well as professionally.

Below are the segment breakdowns…

:52 – 4:33 – Significance of the MergedAnalytics logo and yoga woman 

4:37 – 10:14 – Meditation 101

10:17 -13:36 – Knowing you can die at any moment is a great motivator

13:39 – 16:03 – Meditation is a practice

16:33 – 25:50 – Being genuinely nice is a super power

25:52 – 27:33 – 2 of the same actions can produce 2 different outcomes

Recommendations – 27:34 – 28:53